IFE Food and Drink exhibition in London

Last week we were travelling to London to IFE food and drink exhibition. It’s not a very big exhibition like SEAL in France or Anuga in Germany. However, it is very useful to visit it in case you are interested to see new trends in beverage industry. What was the difference between IFE in 2011 […]

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How to determine beverage trends using Google?

Today I was preparing our presentation about the future beverage trends for 9th InnoBev Global Beverages Congresss in Warsaw (push here for more info). I was searching for some numbers about beverage trends. However, as you may already know, numbers are very expensive and you cannot get it for free. Do you know what is …

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New breed of healthy energy drinks face uncertain EU future

Future beverage industry trends

Adomas Pranevicius, CEO of MyDrink Beverages, tells that a new breed of healthy ‘energy’ drinks face an uncertain EU future, given conflicting guidance as to what constitutes the category. Interview about natural energy drink trends in published on, push here to read it.  

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Soft-drinks packaging innovations and trends

Recently I was making an analysis about future trends and innovations of packing in soft-drinks industry. I found a lot of interesting concepts and already introduced products for packaging of soft-drinks. I think the most interesting packaging solutions is for self-heating and self-cooling beverages. Although at the mo…

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Lean beverage start-up methodology

I was always impressed by the IT industry. These guys manage to develop, launch and test their products during 2-4 months. In case they see that the product/service is not successful they close the project and start a new one. Lean business methodology was born also in IT industry. Nowadays, I see that other industries …

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