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You’ve developed a great commercial recipe that is ready to be produced on a large scale. But how to do you find the right, high-quality manufacturer to produce your beverage? That’s where MyDrink can help. With our industry knowledge and expertise, we can help you find a co-packer that meets all the requirements you need to create a quality product, ready for consumers’ hands.

Simply tell us your requirements, and we’ll find the best solution for your beverage creation.

Partnering With the Right Beverage Co-Packing Companies Is Vital

A co-packer, short for contract packager, manufactures and packages products for their partners. Your formula is ready for production and a bottling co-packer will make it happen.

Beverage co-manufacturing will help you produce and sell your beverage at your desired scale and budget. Beverage manufacturing and packaging require significant space, labor and technology — all costing quite a bit of money.

Rather than producing and packing your drink under your roof, use contract manufacturing to reduce overhead costs and hit the market sooner.

Numerous companies are offering co-packer services to beverage brands. Each co-packer has different capabilities and specialties. One may be a bottling co-packer, while another focuses exclusively on canning. Once you find a co-packer matching your volume minimums and capacity needs, you can show them that your beverage is ready for production.

At BevSource, serve as an excellent resource for connecting your company with industry knowledge and partners. We have helped our customers identify the right co-packer and negotiate contracts for over two decades.

We’ll Help You Find a Beverage Co-Packer

Beverage co-packers can be picky about the brands they work with. Before accepting the project, most co-packers want to know that a beverage product is ready for full-scale production.

Your brand must develop a commercial formula for your beverage. You’ll also need a thoughtful pitch expressing why your brand is one a co-packer should partner with.

Beyond preparing for your co-packer, you also need to do the work of finding one. Researching and communicating with co-packers takes time. And as a new beverage brand, your time and product are valuable.

We work with a network of alcoholic beverage co-packers, carbonated beverage co-packers, energy drink co-packers and other companies. MyDrink will do the work of finding a co-packer so you can focus on perfecting your pitch. You’ll have the opportunity to meet the ideal co-packer for your beverage and put your best foot forward.

Trust Us to Find a Beverage Co-Packer Worth Your Investment

When you work with us, we’ll get to know you, your beverage and your business’s needs. Then, we’ll reference our network of contract packaging partners to find a few that fit. We consider qualities such as experience, equipment, capacity, quality ratings and customer reviews to pinpoint co-packers capable of adding value to your brand.

In addition to co-packer location, we offer various other services that will benefit your brand. From drink formulation to small-batch manufacturing and quality assurance testing, we’ll support you as you prepare for your co-packer.

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