GinThe history of gin begins at the 13th century, although, first recipe was printed just in 16th century. Long time ago gin was used in medicine, but nowadays it is one of the most popular alcoholic beverage.

All gins includes juniper berries, which is the reason why this beverage is called Gin. The beverage can be made in three different ways, such as compound, column distilled or pot distilled. The last one method is the oldest way to produce gin. Gins which are made that way are thought to be the most prominent gins of this class.

Despite the fact, that all gins includes juniper berries extract, there are also many other botanical ingredients. Lemon, bitter orange peel, grains of paradise, almond, cubeb and many others. There is a lot to choose from. MyDrink Beverages can assure that we would combine such ingredients which would be the perfect match and your gin will have the perfect taste.

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