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Who are we?

MyDrink Services

MyDrink Consulting is a global beverage business consulting company—a one-stop source for your beverage project. MyDrink Consulting is a part of MyDrink Group.

We combine the best of our capabilities to create a full-service solution to best meet our clients’ needs and enable them to succeed. Our level of expertise in each key area of the field allows us to effectively solve a variety of challenges and find results for your business.

“Boutique consulting company with specialization in beverage industry.”

MyDrink Consulting team consists of experts in the fields of beverage science, product development, production management, market research, and marketing. We are involved in every stage of product development till it is ready for a consumer to use. It is a fresh and innovative approach to the beverage industry.



MyDrink Consulting

MyDrink Consulting is a part of MyDrink Group. This company is specializing in beverage business consulting services. We have three business consulting units: New Product Development, Market Intelligence, and Marketing.

MyDrink Bottling - beverage contract manufacturing services

MyDrink Bottling is a part of MyDrink Group. The company is specializing in beverage contract manufacturing services. Our facilities are located in Vilnius, Lithuania. The factory is specifically designed to cater the needs of beverage start-ups and Small-To-Medium Enterprises. We are capable to fill your product starting with 10 000 bottles.

Value we provide


Market Intelligence

Nowadays data is the most important thing. You have to have it before making any serious business decision. Our job is to have it.


How the brand should look, talk, why does this brand exist? We answer those questions for you, by combining the team of consultants and creatives.

Formulation and Ingredients

Beverage industry trends are in our blood. With our help you will develop products which will win the hearts and minds of the consumers.

Beverage Manufacturing

Our main objective is to produce a drink of the right quality, right quantity, at the right time and at the minimum cost.

Our team

Adomas Pranevicius / Managing Partner

Adomas Pranevicius
Managing Partner

Ieva Jureviciene / Head of New Product Development

Ieva Jureviciene
Head of NPD

Tadas Kruckauskas / Head of Market Intelligence

Tadas Kruckauskas
Head of Market Intelligence

Lukas Borisovas / Head of Marketing

Lukas Borisovas
Head of Marketing

Prachi Hatwalne / Region Head - APAC

Prachi Hatwalne
Region Head – APAC

Ruta Urbonaviciene / Key Account Manager

Ruta Urbonaviciene
Key Account Manager – Europe, Middle-East, Africa

Heather Morris

Heather Morris
Beverage Consultant

Simon Bishop
Beverage Consultant

Juste Akmenskyte / Marketing Consultant

Juste Akmenskyte
Marketing Consultant

Our history

MyDrink was established at 2008. We set out to build a company that focused solely on delivering highest quality consulting solutions for beverage industry. We knew what we want to do. From early days until now our company had the same core values: experts in what we do, innovation leaders, transparency and leadership.

Our Vision

Global beverage business consulting company

Our Mission

To maximize our customers potential by providing highest quality beverage business consulting services

Adomas Pranevičius

Adomas Pranevičius

CEO and Co-Founder MyDrink Beverages



Started selling private label beverages in Baltic region.


Leaders of HoReCa sector in Baltic region for private label beverages. Started to work with first customers in United Kingdom.


Still early days for us. Customer base expansion in France, Germany and Norway. Launched Production Management services.


Launched Beverage Development services. Participated for the first time in Food and Beverages exhibition in London (IFE 2011).


Important year for us! Established in-house laboratory for new recipe development projects.


Launched and DrinkPreneur Live events.


Invested in laboratory expansion. Expanded our customer base in Middle-East, Africa and APAC regions.


Opened MyDrink APAC office in Mumbai. Introduced Market Intelligence and Marketing services. Global expansion is on the way!


Opened our sister company MyDrink Bottling and started offering contract manufacturing services to Startups and SMEs.

Industry recognition in press

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