Functional Drinks

Functional DrinksFunctional drinks are nonalcoholic beverage which has a specific function. Into this group we can put sports drinks, energy drinks, collagen drinks, relaxation drinks and other beverage products which has specific benefits to our body. Usually, functional drinks can contain vitamins, minerals, herbs, amino acid or fruit and vegetables.


Functional Beverage Development


Functional drinks are becoming more and more popular among consumers. These days consumers are looking for ways to keep their body strong and healthy. There specific lines of functional drinks specially created for different target audiences. Energy and sports drinks for people who live active lives and in order to keep their body as strong as possible they drink these kind of functional drinks. On the other hand, for people with insomnia or other disorders, relaxation drinks would be wise chose from various selection of functional drinks types.

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Before starting your own functional drinks brand you should think about your target audience. MyDrink Beverages can support you with the recipe development and production stages for the development of your functional drink.

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