Vitamin Waters

Vitamin WatersLong time ago the only source of vitamins was directly absorbed from food, which humans were eating. Due to scientific progress human race was able to distinguish important vitamins and concentrate them into tasty and healthy drinks.


Vitamin Water Production, Formulation and Development


Vitamin waters are full with substance which are vitally important to human. These types of beverages contains crystalline fructose, electrolytes, natural flavor and of course vitamins. The most common vitamins in this kind of drinks are Vitamin B3, B5, B6, B12, and C. As we know, group B vitamins are essential to human body. It is very important to get required amount of these vitamins to keep our bodies healthy and beautiful.

vitamin waters formulation and development

MyDrink has a team of professional beverage technologists, who during the course of our history were able to sort the best quality ingredients to make your outstanding vitamin water.

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