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Composition Concept Development

Here, we take the basic idea for your drink and develop it into a full, market-ready concept. During this process, we:

  • Identify your key needs and requirements for the beverage.
  • Project figures for pricing targets, production quantities, and terms (we do this in consultations with our experts in production management and beverage development).
  • Develop a range of potential concepts for your drink based on brainstorming sessions with our experts.
  • Work together with you to identify and develop the best concept for your drink.


Recipe Development

Once the concept has been confirmed, our team of beverage scientists at our in-house laboratory get to work on developing the recipe and producing a prototype for your drink. During this process, we:

  • Perform a price analysis, source ingredients, identify cost reduction opportunities, and carry out product analysis.
  • Develop an initial prototype, perform laboratory stability testing, reformulate as necessary, optimize the formula, and deliver samples for testing and review.
  • Produce a final, realistic product offer with an end price of product ingredients and compound cost.

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