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What Is Drink Formulation?

So, you have an idea for a new beverage you know consumers will enjoy. You’ve penned the concept, researched the market and beverage industry, and maybe even secured your source of funding. But how do you turn your beverage concept into a real product people can purchase in stores? It’s time to develop your formula with a formulation expert.

Formulation is a part of the beverage development process that involves converting an idea for a drink into a replicable recipe. Developing a recipe will dial in your drink’s flavor profile by establishing the ingredients and steps necessary for its production. A recipe will enable your co-packer to produce a consistent product from batch to batch.


Our Formulation Process

When you choose MyDrink as your beverage formulation company, we’ll start with an initial consultation. During this discussion, we’ll learn the vision you have for your drink and begin brainstorming ways to make it a reality. Our experts will provide logistical insights regarding relative costs, ingredient availability from raw material suppliers, shelf life considerations and more.

After your consultation, we’ll move your project into development and prototyping. During this time, we’ll collaborate with our flavor partners to establish a baseline taste for your drink. Then, we’ll assess the drink’s stability by analyzing the ingredients for solubility and compatibility. The development and prototyping processes create the ideal sensory profile and establish the details needed for efficient large-scale replication.

As your dedicated formulation partners, we’ll keep working on your beverage composition until you decide it’s perfect. Then, you’ll have a complete formula that’s ready to produce at scale.


Composition Concept Development

Here we take the idea for your drink and develop it into a full, market-ready concept. Understanding all the aspects of your beverage project helps us to accurately develop and formulate a commercially viable recipe that will work with your overall business strategy. During this process, we:

  • Identify your key needs and requirements for your beverage.
  • Project figures for pricing targets, production quantities, and terms.
  • Develop a range of potential concepts for your drink based on brainstorming sessions with our experts.
  • Work together with you to identify and develop the best concept for your drink.


Recipe Development & Beverage Formulation Cost

Once the concept has been confirmed, our team of beverage scientists get to work on developing the recipe for your drink. During this process, we:

  • Perform a price analysis, source ingredients, identify cost reduction opportunities, and carry out product analysis.
  • Develop initial samples, perform laboratory stability tests, reformulate as necessary, optimize beverage formulas, and deliver samples for you to test and review.
  • Produce final samples and deliver your final commercial recipe with estimated end pricing of raw material and compound cost.


Why MyDrink Beverages Is Your Go-To Beverage Formulation Company

You have a beverage concept that you believe in, so trust formulation to a company that will bring it to life. As a market leader in drink formulation, MyDrink has the experience, expertise and connections to optimize a recipe for your product. We offer low-risk formulation services that will propel your beverage through development so you can begin seeing success on the shelves. Beverage entrepreneurs entering the market choose MyDrink for our:

  • Experience: MyDrink has decades of experience in drink recipe formulation. We’ve seen it all and will leverage our expertise to develop the optimal formula for your beverage product development.
  • Industry Insights: A beverage expert will help you manage the complicated processes of developing a commercial-scale beverage. We’ll leverage our expertise to develop a feasible formula that achieves the sensory experience you envision.
  • Comprehensive services: MyDrink can be your single source for beverage formulation and more. We offer feasibility services that will bolster your strategy and laboratory services that will ensure your beverage brand’s quality standards are met. We also provide services like ingredients sourcing and packaging procurement to ensure you can produce and package your drink through optimal means.
  • Connections: We partner with a network of suppliers, manufacturers, flavor houses and other valuable resources that will increase your beverage’s chances of success.


Partner With MyDrink for Beverage Formulation

Your beverage’s formula is the foundation for its success, so start perfecting it today with MyDrink! Our drink formulation experts will turn your idea into reality.

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