Use professionals for your beverages development

Beverage Formulation Steps

A lot of people who are interested in beverages development services doesn’t understand how difficult and important this process is. This process is the corner stone of your success. Only the drink taste will make the costumer to buy your product for the second time! In this article we will summarize the whole process of beverages formula development.


Drink Concept Development

First of all, what is your vision for your drink? You must have an idea of marketing (selling point) and target market (consumer). When you will know to who you will be selling your drink it will be much easier to create a product. So you have an idea of ingredients for your drink. Great! We can start from the concept development stage.

Concept development is a process which includes identification of client requirements, consultations with food scientists and production managers, brainstorm session and full preparation of the concept of your drink. Basically, during this process we will prepare you 2-3 different concepts (ideas) for your drink formula. After your approval we will go further to recipe development stage.

Drink Recipe Development

Recipe development stage includes laboratory work, laboratory testing, reformulations, prototype development, and formula optimization. During this process we will create you 4-6 different formulas for your drink and will send you the prototypes for you to test it. After your confirmation we will be able to tell you the pricing. In case the pricing will not be good for you we will try to optimize the formula as everything depends on the ingredient pricing on the markets.

Small Batch Bottling

After recipe development stage your drink is almost ready. We prepare the compound for your drink bottling and supply raw material to the factory which will be bottling your drink.


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