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Soft Drinks

Soft drinks have been well-known to consumers since the 19th century. These types of beverages are non-alcoholic drinks, usually containing carbonated water, sweeteners and flavoring. Every consumer with different tastes can find their favorite sparkling beverage. From regular to low or no-calorie and caffeinated to caffeine-free, you must know what kind of soft drink you prefer.

Taste and packaging impact soft drinks’ success. These beverages can come in glass, aluminum or plastic cans and bottles. First-time customers make decisions based on other people’s opinions and the appearance of your soft drink.

MyDrink has helped companies produce many successful soft drink products. If you know what kind of soft drink you would like to sell to your target audience, you can entrust the rest of the work to us.

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Services MyDrink Can Provide

The soft drink industry is a hub of innovation. To stay on top of consumer demands, you must ensure your soft drink company can anticipate and meet consumer needs. At MyDrink, we offer personalized services to all clients to meet niche market needs. Some of the custom canned drink services we provide include:


Research and Planning

A successful soft drink launch takes more than a great idea. It takes a solid strategy to turn that idea into a viable product. The ideal route to market is often complex and based on several factors unique to your concept. We can help with your initial market research with an in-depth feasibility study to review key considerations. We utilize our team’s extensive industry experience to help clients develop full-service solutions.


Expert Formulation Development

Making and replicating a recipe in a home kitchen is different than producing it at scale, and your manufacturing partner will expect a proven, commercial-ready formulation before beginning. Clients can take advantage of our consulting services while developing a new soft drink — our extensive industry experience enables us to offer expert advice on drink recipe development. MyDrink works with a well-respected network of flavor partners to create the ideal formula, from flavor to mouthfeel and appearance.


In-House Quality Testing

Once your formulation is complete, you’ll need to know it meets regulatory standards for quality. You’ll also need the nutritional information required for labeling. We can help with both in The Lab, our exclusive, certified testing facility. Our capabilities extend to formula experimentation and modification to get it done right before full-scale production.


Comprehensive Production Support

We’re experts in production management and support. We have numerous industry connections and can connect your company with industry partners across the United States. Work with experts from hundreds of strategic partners for everything from small-batch manufacturing to co-packers ready to scale as you grow. We also have a network of partners to guide you through financing, branding, marketing and sales for end-to-end soft drink launch support.


Procurement and Sourcing

A healthy and cost-effective supply ecosystem bolsters your efforts when launching a new soft drink. MyDrink is here to help you source the ingredients your formula needs to meet specs, even for hard-to-find components. We also offer numerous packaging and labeling options to meet current packaging trends and help you procure the ideal packaging for your new beverage.


Why MyDrink Is Your Solution for a Successful Soft Drink

At MyDrink, we provide personalized services for soft drink brands to meet their specific business needs. You gain access to our extensive industry knowledge and hundreds of industry partnerships by choosing to work with us. Some of the innovative solutions we provide include:

  • Scaling manufacturing: Many businesses turn to MyDrink to scale their production efforts due to our connections with reputable manufacturers. We’ll help ensure you partner with a company that can meet your current production needs and keep pace with your growth.
  • Expanding into new beverage sectors: MyDrink can also help your company enter new beverage categories where you may need more expertise. Our industry veterans provide the expert advice only professionals who’ve been there and done that can offer.
  • Lowering entry barriers: Working with MyDrink can help reduce barriers to entering the soft drink manufacturing business by offering access to our extensive industry network and other resources. Our ability to create efficiencies provides value you can leverage for a competitive advantage.
  • Accelerating speed to market: Speed to market is crucial to supporting your reputation as an innovator and competing in a tight market. MyDrink leverages expertise, experience and network connections to ensure we complete all aspects of production correctly the first time to get to market faster.
  • Reducing risks: Our team knows the typical pitfalls that lead to failure — and how to avoid them. MyDrink helps to lower many common risks associated with launch and allows new or growing companies to save time and money.


The MyDrink Promise

At MyDrink, we aim to transform the way beverage ideas become a reality. Our team uses our qualities and abilities to develop the best solutions. What’s more, we strive to embody our values in every client interaction:

  • Experience: Our team has years of experience in beverage production that give us unique insight into costs, timing and partnerships. We have a successful history of turning that experience directly into results.
  • Insight: Every choice you make has implications across the entire development, production and distribution process. MyDrink’s supply chain specialists can offer advice based on the future impacts of all decisions to keep things running smoothly — today and tomorrow.
  • Resourcefulness: The MyDrink team consists of innovative problem solvers who use challenges as opportunities to innovate new and unique solutions. We believe in saying “yes” and finding ways to make it happen with minimal risk and maximum efficiency.
  • Relationships: MyDrink maintains positive relationships with our vendors and suppliers by supplying clients with knowledge and action plans. We have hundreds of vetted, reliable and high-quality partners providing guidance across the spectrum of product launch considerations.
  • Respect: We respect your time, vision and budget by working to ensure we deliver a significant return. Our holistic approach to your strategy helps reduce wasted money and time and maximize your investment.


Turn a Custom Soft Drink Idea Into a Reality With MyDrink

Whether you’re new to the soft drink manufacturing industry or have manufactured and distributed soft drinks for years, MyDrink is here to help. Our full range of services and hundreds of industry partnerships make us an excellent choice for all aspects of soft drink production. Contact our team today to learn more about working with MyDrink!

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