Soft-drinks packaging innovations and trends

Soft-drinks packaging innovations and trends

Recently I was making an analysis about future trends and innovations of packing in soft-drinks industry. I found a lot of interesting concepts and already introduced products for packaging of soft-drinks. I think the most interesting packaging solutions is for self-heating and self-cooling beverages. Although at the moment this type of packaging solution is quite expensive. As far as I know there are a lot of self-cooling and self-heating patented technologies, however, the problem is that there are not leader. Also dual-product packaging innovations seems very attractive. Application possibilities are endless. For example, juice products, dairy products even mixing dry with non-dry products.

Below you will find several interesting packaging innovations

Dual-Chamber Bottle


dual packaging

dual based packaging




Stand-Up Pouch

120952 Sosogi Jozu Pouches W540 100dpi


Coca-Cola Bag

120706 Coca Cola Bag03 540x250 100dpi

120706 Coca Cola Bag01 540x252 100dpi


Self-Heating and Self-Cooling

121045 Chill Can W540 100dpi


121045 Scaldopack Mg 1909 W320 100dpi



Aseptic Paperboard Can

120565 Lamican Marketing Can Presentation 540x336 100dpi


120565 Lamican Package Aseptic Layers 320x284 100dpi

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