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Our team of beverage development specialist are ready to support you and your project with services like feasibility, formulation, sample development, and recipe optimization.

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With our market-leading expertise and beverage development know-how, MyDrink can deliver your idea from innovative concept all the way through to cost-effective production. We are a one-stop source for your beverage project.

Our years of experience of beverage development and manufacturing ensures our clients get the highest quality consulting services. We work with drink developers and manufacturers on an international scale to ensure we find the best and most cost-effective solution for your drink.

Beverage Product Development Services

Ready to develop a beverage? There are a few steps to take before starting a beverage company. MyDrink, a leading beverage development company, can guide you through the development process with the following services:

Feasibility Analysis

Knowing your product is commercially viable will help you plan the early stages of your venture into the beverage industry. Feasibility is the process of reviewing critical aspects of your beverage’s production to see if it is a viable product. MyDrink offers feasibility assessments from experts who know what it takes to see success in your market.

During our feasibility reviews, we assess areas like formulation, sourcing and co-packing possibilities. Our findings and analysis will uncover logistical changes you should make before sending your product to stores.

Drink Formulation and Development

Beverage formulation and development establish the details that will allow you to produce a consistent beverage product. A recipe describes the ingredients that combine to produce your beverage idea. The formula will bring the recipe up to commercial scale.

During formulation, you’ll experiment with ideas that make your beverage concept a reality. Then, we’ll develop a beverage formula that achieves the flavor profile and nutritional balance you want your beverage to feature.

We’ll use the recipe development and formulation processes to solidify your beverage’s ingredients and determine the logistics surrounding them. You’ll be able to establish costs and cost reduction opportunities to optimize the recipe for successful product development.

Lab Testing Your Beverage

Consistency is key in the beverage market — customers want to know what they’re drinking and that they can expect the same taste from every bottle or can. Fortunately, laboratory testing can boil your drink’s production process down to a science.

Laboratory quality assurance testing determines precise ingredient measurements and affirms that each batch meets your standards. Laboratory testing will also establish your product’s shelf life so you can optimize the consumer experience.

We partner with beverage scientists and flavor chemists at The Lab to access a state-of-the-art quality assurance testing lab perfect for analyzing the smallest details that make your drink unique. Our quality assurance testing services will produce the details needed for consistent beverage production.

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Frequently Asked Questions
about New Beverage Development

Once a commercially viable recipe is complete, we will sign a Transfer & Acceptance Agreement. After this, the commercial formulation is your intellectual property.

Project Questionnaire: We ask our clients to complete a Project Questionnaire to help us fully understand your project requirements.This way we can make sure the beverage you’re dreaming of is the beverage our team develops.

Recipe Development & Formulation: Our formulation team begins the recipe development process by sourcing all necessary raw materials. Then, we formulate and test ingredients to match your desired taste profile. Throughout the process, you will be sent samples to taste and critique. Based on your feedback, we will revise the recipe–up to three times–to create your desired beverage recipe, ready for commercial manufacturing.

Quality Assurance Testing: We’ll test every batch to ensure it achieves the standards you establish during formulation. We’ll test granular details like your beverage’s microbiology and nutritional contents so you know exactly what you’re sending to stores.

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