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Main objective is to produce Your drink of the right quality,
right quantity, at the right time and at the minimum cost.

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Ieva Jureviciene
Head of NPD

Our team of beverage technologists are ready to support you with your new product development which includes services like in-house laboratory, raw material sourcing, sample development, recipe optimization.


Got an idea for a new beverage?

With our market-leading expertise and beverage development know-how, MyDrink can deliver your idea from innovative concept all the way through to cost-effective production. We are a one stop source for your beverage project.


Our years of experience of beverage manufacturing enables our clients get highest quality consulting services. We work with drinks manufacturers on an international scale to ensure we find the best and most cost-effective solution for the production of your drink.

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Frequently asked questions
in new beverage development

Once the recipe development is done we sign Transfer and Acceptance Act. After this intellectual property which we created during recipe development project is transferred to the customer.
MyDrink does not have any interest to own intellectual property of our customer recipes.

Project Brief Stage. We require our customers to fill a Project Brief. This is a standard document for us. This document helps us to understand customer requirements. Moreover, once the recipe development starts our technical team is working according to the Project Brief.

Recipe Development Stage. We source all necessary raw materials (majority of them we already have in-house in our laboratory) and start testing. If we are happy with the results we start sending samples to our customer. We also invite our customers to participate in recipe development together in our laboratory.

Beverage Manufacturing Stage. Once recipe is confirmed we identify potential co-packers for this product. Moreover, we help to manage first production which is usually the hardest one.

At the end of the project customer has a list or raw material suppliers, co-packers and is capable to place the re-orders by himself.

There are two main reason why you should choose us.

  1. Recipe Development Stage. We are independent beverage laboratory. Which means that we do not have any preferences for raw material suppliers. During the recipe development project our task is to provide various solutions from various raw material suppliers that customer could get a wider picture of his capabilities. If you decide to work directly with raw material manufacturers you will receive a very limited offering.
  2. Beverage Manufacturing Stage. During our many years of experience working with co-packers we managed to build a database of most reliable co-packers in various regions of the world. We have checked the quality of these co-packers and we can proudly recommend them. Moreover, if you have never done this before we are almost sure that you will make mistakes during the process. We offer to save your time and money by letting us do the management.

This is very important part of our services. We prepare labeling and nutritional information together with the product specification once the final recipe is confirmed by the customer.

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