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Before You Fly, You Might Want a Pilot

Forward-thinking entrepreneurs like you can soar in the beverage market. Before you start a massive distribution effort, though, there’s one thing you should probably consider — a pilot. A pilot run is a small batch that you produce before committing to full-scale production.

Small-scale pilot bottling is a great option for beverage startups looking to test their idea by producing a small batch of their drink before investing in a large commercial production run. A pilot batch isn’t an absolute requirement, but you can benefit from small-scale bottling in various ways. Here are a few of the greatest advantages of bottling drinks in small-scale batches as you get started in the beverage market:

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advantages of bottling drinks in small-scale batches

Low-Risk Production

Producing a small batch reduces financial risk during product development. It is rare for the production process of a first run of any beverage to go smoothly and not experience any complications. Finding minor issues through a small-scale pilot run is a lot less painful than having to stop production or discard a thousand cases of product.

Insulate your business against initial bumps and bruises by limiting how much you spend on bottling. Small-batch bottling costs less than full-scale bottling, so start with a low minimum order quantity. This way, you do not have to produce a huge quantity of your product without knowing whether it will be successful or not.

Professional Presentation

A small batch is lower in quantity than a full-scale batch, but it’s the real deal in terms of product quality. You’ll have an impressive, tangible product to take along to trade shows and investor meetings. This way, you can demonstrate product capabilities, and the people and companies you approach to discuss funding your future endeavors know that you mean business.

Real-World Feedback

Whether it’s with shoppers at a local grocery store, concert-goers at a festival or your friends and family at a party, sharing your new beverage will help you improve your formula and presentation. Feedback matters, so order a small batch of your drinks to gather opinions on a complete version of your product. Through small-scale bottling, you’ll receive feedback from consumers, buyers, and/or investors and still be able to adjust the recipe for industrial production.

Co-Packer Approval

When your product is ready to hit the market in full force, you’ll need a co-packer on your side for bottling. Large-scale co-packers need to plan their resource allocation for each product, so they appreciate startups that are well-organized and ready to move. By creating a small-scale batch, you’ll have a wealth of information to provide to your co-packer that will help them bottle your beverage efficiently, making them more likely to take on your project.

Small-Scale Bottling, Commercial Production and Co-Packing

MyDrink’s small-batch beverage manufacturing capabilities will kick-start your venture into the beverage industry.  We have decades of experience bottling drinks to sell, plus connections that will improve your product. Through our sister company, The Lab-Powered by BevSource, we are able to provide small-scale commercial production to help you test, perfect and validate your beverage idea. Our state-of-the-art, commercial grade equipment allows to mimic the manufacturing environment of full-scale production for only a small run of your product.

Our capabilities include:

  • 4-Vessel, 7-Barrel Capacity: We have a scalable, commercial, state-of-the-art brewing system for various batch sizes.
  • Packaging Options: We’ll fulfill your small batch order using the best packaging option for your product. Allow your beverage to thrive in numerous types of cans, bottles or kegs. On-site canning and bottling options are available for any order.
  • Beverage Types & Bases:  We have the ability to pilot non-alcoholic and alcoholic beverages, still and carbonated. We can run beer, malt beverages, sugar brews, wine and spirits.
  • Full-Service Laboratory: The Lab has all the resources you need to test your formula. Work with us for standard analytic, microbiological and quality assurance testing as well as other popular evaluations, including gluten and nutritional testing, shelf life analysis and ABV testing.



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