Small Scale Bottling

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Small scale pilot bottling is a great option for beverage startups looking to test their idea by producing a small batch of their drink before investing in a large commercial production run. The main advantages of small scale pilot production are:

  • Reduces financial risk.
  • Start with a low minimum order quantity–so you do not have to produce a huge quantity of your product without knowing whether it will be successful or not.
  • Receive feedback from consumers, buyers, and/or investors and still be able to adjust the recipe for the industrial production.


Through our sister company, The Lab-Powered by BevSource, we are able to provide small-scale commercial production to help you test, perfect, and validate your beverage idea.

  • 7-Barrel Capacity: Scalable, commercial, state-of-the-art brewing system
  • Preservation: Batch Pasteurization
    Chemical Preservation
  • Packaging Options: Cans, Bottles
    Kegs, Bulk
  • Full-Service Laboratory: Analytical, Microbial, & Gluten Testing

Not only does The Lab-Powered by BevSource offer pilot product solutions and a full-service laboratory, but through the adjacent public facing taproom, brand owners can get unbiased consumer feedback by putting their product anonymously on tap.

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