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Energy Drink

Energy drinks are non-alcoholic and provide mental and physical stimulation. These beverages contain guarana, taurine, caffeine, B vitamins and other ingredients. However, the main component, which aids in stimulating the brain and the body, is caffeine. Billions of people enjoy this ingredient daily, and humans have benefitted from it for centuries.

MyDrink Beverages has more than 10 years of experience with private-label energy drinks development projects. We have the knowledge, resources and partnerships with energy drink suppliers to make your energy drink a beverage that consumers love.

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Make Your Own Energy Drink Brand With MyDrink

From proof of concept to finished product, you can rely on the team at MyDrink to be by your side. We have connections with some of the top energy drink manufacturers in the USA, so you can depend on our team to help you make your beverage-producing dream a reality. Some of the unique services we offer to help clients learn how to manufacture energy drinks successfully include:

private label energy drink manufacturers usaEnergy Drink Development

Our beverage product development expertise and industry experience make us an excellent partner for delivering your idea from concept to production. When you work with MyDrink, you’ll find all the resources you need under one roof to speed up energy drink formulation. Some of our many beverage development services include:

  • Feasibility analysis: During our feasibility analysis, our expert team will assess your product’s viability and provide insights and recommendations regarding sourcing and manufacturing, as well as identify any regulatory hurdles.
  • Drink formulation and development: The formulation process enables you to transform your drink concept into a reality and make essential decisions about your drink’s ingredients.
  • Lab testing your beverage: We partner with The Lab to perform state-of-the-art quality assurance testing and provide the details you need for consistent production.

Beverage Manufacturer Identification

By partnering with MyDrink to find a manufacturer for beverage bottling and production, you gain access to industry knowledge and expertise. Your team can focus your time and energy on the sales and marketing side of your beverage business. Our beverage manufacturing relationships will enable us to find the best partner for your drink production efforts. Our ability to identify manufacturing partners provides your company with a competitive edge in negotiations.

energy drink formulation and developmentSourcing and Procurement

Outsourcing your procurement process to MyDrink can help your company access industry specialists and enhance efficiencies. MyDrink’s sourcing and procurement service leverages strategic partnerships with global suppliers and access to innovative ingredients such as plant-based energy solutions and popular ingredients in high demand. We find the resources you need through long-term relationships with our trusted suppliers.

Why Choose MyDrink?

At MyDrink, we aim to help every client make the most out of commercializing their beverage by providing insights, guidance and connections where you need it most. Explore how we add value:

  • We strive to find new ways to help your beverage company succeed.
  • Our expert team will discuss the downstream implications of decisions to ensure you stay profitable.
  • We can help clients access hard-to-find ingredients.
  • Our team knows precisely how much things cost, how much time they take and which companies are ideal for partnerships.
  • MyDrink can help you effectively scale your business.

How To Create Your Own Energy Drink

To create your own energy drink brand, it’s crucial to conduct thorough research and collaborate with the right partners. Understanding the competitive landscape, and partnering with beverage experts are key to launching a successful energy drink brand in the marketplace.

With extensive industry knowledge and a passion for helping beverage companies of all specialties and sizes, you can rely on MyDrink to make your dream of producing an energy drink a reality. To learn more about the many benefits of working with MyDrink to develop custom-branded energy drinks, we encourage you to contact us today!


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