Hello Hungry liquid meal drink

Client: Hello Hungry — Country: The United Kingdom
Hello Hungry liquid meal drink

The Challenge

Our task was to develop a product for modern day office workers who do not have enough time to have a proper meal. The goal was to create a beverage product that would be vegan-friendly and gluten and lactose free. Also, Hello Hungry could not have any added sugar or GMOs.


Although it was challenging to reach the high amount of kcal and find a solution for a shelf life of 12 months, we managed to create 3 different types of liquid meals. We prepared a unique blend of vegetables and juices that are mixed with buckwheat. For the functional part we added a mix of minerals and vitamins with Omega-3. The product tackles your hunger and enables you to perform.  Many different grains were tested to observe the impact on taste.

The Result

Hello Hungry is a product that has no alternatives in the market. This beverage is filled in a 330 ml bottle and comes in 3 different tastes: strawberry and banana, tomato and basil, and mango and spinach.

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