Global Beverage Trends for 2018

global beverage trends 2018

All the FMCG-type products trending lately are those related to the consumer lifestyle. It is getting more and more popular to become a busy workaholic, to go to the gym, to live an allergen-free / vegan lifestyle or to get rid of unhealthy products, such as alcohol. All these trends are affecting the consumption of [&h…

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Starting and Building Your Beverage Brand

Beverage Brand Building

Today we live in a noisy world, and it’s getting harder for products to stand out in the market. We are surrounded by tons of various info everywhere we go and often it’s even hard to hear our own thoughts. And it’s the same when it comes to consumer products, there are tons of products […]

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New GST Taxes for Carbonates Open Huge Opportunity For Beverage Innovations

Recently, the Indian government introduced a revised GST for soda (carbonated) drinks. The new rules state that aerated/carbonated drinks and possibly any drink with added sugar will attract a total duty of 28%–40% tax and a 12% additional levy. The taxes are categorized as 12%, 18%, and 28%. Multinationals are certainl…

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Why Market Intelligence is a Must for Your Beverage Business?

Why Market Intelligence is a Must for your Beverage Business?

Following a very good tradition of MDB recently I was asked to share some insights regarding Market Intelligence thus contributing to the general beverages business development awareness among our subscribers and visitors.   There are some points I would like to cover in my article this time. Being involved into Ma…

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Beverage Industry Trends after PLMAs World of Private Label 2017

beverage industry trends 2017

Beverage industry cannot sleep. Due to the high consumer demand for healthy and natural beverage solutions, we see that the co-packers are working on the filling lines to produce beverages without any preservatives and high juice contents or to offer non-dairy packaging solutions. Some are even working on natural herbal…

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