Unique Soft Drink Development – Cinnamora experience

cinnamora beverage

A huge variety of different beverage products reach the market every year. Some of them are copies of well-known products, while others are unique products, but all are created to attract a target market. MyDrink Beverages sure had some memorable projects regarding the unique qualities of their created products. One suc…

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Liquid Snacks – New Opportunity in Beverage Industry

Liquid Snack

Multifunctional food is getting more and more popular. This is most probably  due to the continuing trends toward healthy lifestyles. Sports drinks, for example, have lately been fortified not only with minerals and vitamins, but collagen as well. Such types of products can be referred to as multifunctional drinks – ser…

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The Top 6 Alcoholic Cocktail Trends You will see in 2016

Top 6 Alcoholic Cocktail Trends

Alcohol consumption has shown an annual increase in growth. This has led beverage developers to examine the market, conduct investigations, and adapt existing practices to new tastes and drinking methods. With the New Year comes fresh trends, so have a look at what’s on tap for 2016: Carbonating and bottling cocktails –…

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The TOP 6 functional ingredients for sports drinks in 2016

TOP 6 functional ingredients for sport drinks in 2016

January may seem like the quietest month of the year. The holidays are over, and we’re all getting back to our daily routines. But the opposite is true for beverage developers. For them, now is the best time to start working on new product development for the upcoming summer season. Many people include regular visits [&…

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Big data: what’s in it for a beverage producer?

Big Data

This is obviously the age of big data. It is so big that we do not always make the best (or any) use of it. Sometimes because we do not have direct access to this data or because we simply do not know how to handle it. Below are a few thoughts on how to […]

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