BCAA pre workout drinks is a new trend in sports drinks category

Nowadays, sports drinks category is becoming more interesting for beverage entrepreneurs and SMEs. There is a big opportunity for innovation. For the last 2 years we see an increasing interest of BCAA pre workout drinks (branched-chain amino acid) as the most interesting segment in sports drinks category. Obviously this…

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A clean label approach for your next beverage development

One of the Key trends in 2015 is a clean label beverage – beverages with no artificial ingredients. This trend in noticed already since 2010, but lately interest in it increasing significantly. Recently distributors, retailers are getting more and more focused on product label and this is obvious, cause consumers are pa…

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What lies ahead for coconut water brands?

The coconut water which was once considered waste had a huge demand worldwide. As it comes out, coconut water owned its place for many beneficial chemical and organoleptic properties. Coconut water is a clear liquid inside young green coconuts. Its major fraction is water (approx. 95%) followed by natural sugars (sucros…

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Building beverage start-ups from scratch

For the last 10 months I had an opportunity to be a part of what I love – developing beverage startup from scratch. Our idea was to launch a product which could be a healthy substitute to all of these unhealthy snacks that people eat in their offices. Take a look what we have right […]

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Venture Capital is hungry for Food & Beverage startups

venture capital funds beverage startups

Consumer packed goods companies like Unilever, P&G, Kellogg’s and Danone should watch their back as venture capital and tech-food startups are going to disrupt Food and Beverage industry once and for all. For the last few years we saw an unprecedented amounts of money pouring in to Food and Beverage business. Accord…

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