Event for Beverage Entrepreneurs: DrinkPreneur Live 2015

DrinkPreneur Live 2015

I cannot believe that one year already passed after our first DrinkPreneur Live event in London. Guess what? We are gearing ourselves for second DrinkPreneur Live! For those who doesn’t know anything about this event… DrinkPreneur Live is Europe’s only business accelerator forum for new beverage brands. This unique one …

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Collagen Beauty Drinks New Area for Innovation

collagen beauty drinks

It’s a fact that Collagen is a well know functional ingredient among women. Collagen is a major structural protein of our skin; it creates 75 percent of our skin. Although due to aging processes collagen amount is decreasing and this is the main reason of wrinkle appearance. After age 25 our bodies loose around 1.5% [&h…

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Whey protein processing and application to beverages

Whey protein beverages formulation

Growing concern over pollution, environmental control and recycling lead to investigations of whey possible usage. A history upon whey is that in cheese production for each vat of milk almost 90% of the volume is left unused, called whey and only cheese curds are further used for cheese manufacture. Whey is treat as a d…

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BCAA pre workout drinks is a new trend in sports drinks category

Nowadays, sports drinks category is becoming more interesting for beverage entrepreneurs and SMEs. There is a big opportunity for innovation. For the last 2 years we see an increasing interest of BCAA pre workout drinks (branched-chain amino acid) as the most interesting segment in sports drinks category. Obviously this…

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A clean label approach for your next beverage development

One of the Key trends in 2015 is a clean label beverage – beverages with no artificial ingredients. This trend in noticed already since 2010, but lately interest in it increasing significantly. Recently distributors, retailers are getting more and more focused on product label and this is obvious, cause consumers are pa…

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