Building beverage start-ups from scratch

For the last 10 months I had an opportunity to be a part of what I love – developing beverage startup from scratch. Our idea was to launch a product which could be a healthy substitute to all of these unhealthy snacks that people eat in their offices. Take a look what we have right […]

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Venture Capital is hungry for Food & Beverage startups

venture capital funds beverage startups

Consumer packed goods companies like Unilever, P&G, Kellogg’s and Danone should watch their back as venture capital and tech-food startups are going to disrupt Food and Beverage industry once and for all. For the last few years we saw an unprecedented amounts of money pouring in to Food and Beverage business. Accord…

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Launching MyDrink Consulting branch in India

I’m very glad to share latest news with our Beverage Industry Blog readers. MyDrink Beverages is expanding consulting services and entering Asia region by opening MyDrink India branch. We are committed to offer only highest quality services of beverage development. In Asia we will be offering three main services that we…

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The future of beverage industry is online

Total groceries sales in USA for 2013 was $600 billion worth. While online groceries market size was less than 1% which is less than $6 billion (Source Business Insider). Seems quite a small number. While in Europe at 2012 largest markets for online groceries divided accordingly: UK €7.1 billion, France €5 billion, Germ…

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How to choose right contract manufacturer for your product?

Beverage Contract Manufacturers

The decision of partnership with which contract manufacturer to work with can be a tough one. In fact it can play the key role of success or failure. So what you should know before choosing your beverage contract manufacturer? I always advise not to start analysis of contract manufacturers without not know what type of …

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