New Opportunities For Weight Management Beverages

Weight management beverages

Jogging, fitness, yoga – active lifestyle is getting more and more popular. After long hours in the office in from of the computer number of people is recovering in the gym. This trend is being noticed in beverage industry as well. Such products as Celsius™ contains natural functional ingredients as Green Tea Extract, G…

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Alcohol Beverage Development – North Wine & Spirits Experience

We are working with various beverage consulting projects globally, however, sometimes we forget to ask our clients what they learn during the development stages of their products. Today I’m speaking with Founder and Co-Owner of North Wine & Spirits Renate Nikolaisen about their beverage development project of natura…

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Nootropic beverages is a future of functional drinks

nootropic beverages

Nootropics is not a new term—it was mentioned for the first time in 1972 by Corneliu E. Giurgea. This term was created for the list of ingredients which did not have a proper definition according to their functions. Brain stimulants, brain productivity enhancers, focus and attention improvers or even mood and depression…

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Event for Beverage Entrepreneurs: DrinkPreneur Live 2015

DrinkPreneur Live 2015

I cannot believe that one year already passed after our first DrinkPreneur Live event in London. Guess what? We are gearing ourselves for second DrinkPreneur Live! For those who doesn’t know anything about this event… DrinkPreneur Live is Europe’s only business accelerator forum for new beverage brands. This unique one …

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Collagen Beauty Drinks New Area for Innovation

collagen beauty drinks

It’s a fact that Collagen is a well know functional ingredient among women. Collagen is a major structural protein of our skin; it creates 75 percent of our skin. Although due to aging processes collagen amount is decreasing and this is the main reason of wrinkle appearance. After age 25 our bodies loose around 1.5% [&h…

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