8 Tips for Getting Media Coverage For Your Beverage Brand

Getting Media Coverage for Your Beverage Brand

Positive media coverage is a powerful marketing tool that positions your beverage business in a favorable light by projecting the credibility, expertise, image, and passion you want to convey. Earned media coverage (meaning you did not pay for placement) increases your visibility and raises the level of trust consumers …

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Is Your Beverage Ready for Battle?

How to Position Your Brand in the Beverage Market

For every new beverage brand success story, there’s at least one untold tale of failure. How do startup beverage brands ensure they are setting out on the path to success? Understanding and articulating the competitive heart of a new beverage brand is an essential early step. Developing a Beverage Battleground is one wa…

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How to prepare for successful negotiations with beverage contract manufacturers

Contract Packer Negotiations

Contracting with the right manufacturer is one of the most important advantages you can give to your beverage. The steps you take when evaluating and approaching potential manufacturing partners are critical. Use this checklist to help you organize and prepare before contracting your beverage manufacturing. Prepare Your…

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Outsourcing Beverage Production / Drink Manufacturing

Outsource Beverage Drink Manufacturing

When launching a beverage brand, you’ll need to decide whether you want to outsource manufacturing or handle beverage product production yourself. Outsourcing beverage production has gained significant traction in recent years. By outsourcing beverage production, brands benefit from professional services while fre…

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Six Tips For Managing Global Beverage Projects

Global Beverage Industry - Tips for Managing Projects

Globalization has contributed to a beverage business environment where geographical boundaries are blurred. The exchange of an ingredient or finished beverage can occur with just the click of a button and advice from an internationally-known industry expert is available instantly via a video chat on your mobile phone. O…

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What ingredient trends will be behind 2019’s most successful beverages?

2019 Beverage Ingredient Trends

The beverage space is evolving at a rapid pace as innovation and developments are rolled out to meet customers’ ever-changing tastes and preferences. There are marked shifts in the ways consumers think about their beverage choices and a resulting change in the types of ingredients that are being incorporated into those …

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Functional Fungus? A Closer Look at the Recent Boom in Mushroom Beverages

Adaptogen Mushroom Beverage Trend

Take a brief stroll through nearly any health food store at the moment and you can be sure you’ll see shelves lined with specialty beverages claiming all kinds of benefits—more energy, better sleep, enhanced mental clarity—the list goes on. Because of today’s busy lifestyle, more and more people are looking to beverages…

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Can You Boost Your Brain with a Beverage? — The Business & Buzz Surrounding Nootropic Drinks

Nootropic Beverage Trend

Have you ever wanted to fine-tune your brain?  If so, you’re not alone. In a competitive world where knowledge is often the key to success, the ability to enhance the human psyche to a superhuman level and give oneself an edge over the competition is something many of us find appealing. What’s more: that future [&hellip…

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Why Kombucha May Be The Next Big Thing In Europe

Kombucha Beverage European Trend

If you like to keep an eye on all the latest foodie trends, you’ve probably crossed paths with kombucha — a fermented tea mixed with a dash of bacteria, yeast, and sugar, often with a bit of fruit juice thrown in as well.  It’s a probiotic beverage, filled with live bacteria which help promote a […]

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What’s Happening In The World of Alcoholic Coffee

What's happening in the world of Alcoholic Coffee

The global market value of coffee is expected to witness a 5.5% CAGR between 2018 and 2023. More alcoholic beverage producers are looking for ways to incorporate coffee into their drinks to enhance flavor and entice coffee lovers to embrace their products. Here’s a look at what is happening in the world of alcohol and […

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