MyDrink Beverages acquired by BevSource Inc

MyDrink Beverages acquired by BevSource Inc

First of all, I would like to say that I’m very glad introducing this news!

MyDrink Beverages was acquired by the leading beverage operations company in the USA. BevSource, Inc is a provider of beverage development and operations solutions to beverage visionaries.

For me, it’s a perfect proof that during the last 10 years MyDrink Beverages managed to build an industry-leading company for beverage development services. Like BevSource, MyDrink Beverages has spent years providing exceptional beverage consulting services to largely the European, Middle-East and Africa markets.

Together BevSource and MyDrink Beverages will guide beverage visionaries and innovators through the complex world of beverage development and production.


Why is this acquisition important?


The beverage industry is changing. Beverage brands are becoming global and they need global solutions as well. A borderless world is not a fiction anymore. We are almost there. Due to this, we need to adapt and to prepare for the changes.

Beverage consulting industry needs one strong consulting company. So this consolidation is a natural step towards it.

This unique combination of experience will open new opportunities for our clients. No one in the industry has the capability to offer this.

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