Why Creative Packaging Can Deliver the Message Behind Your Drink’s Brand

Why Creative Packaging Can Deliver the Message Behind Your Drink’s Brand

As a consumer, it can sometimes seem as if every product you buy is the same. There’s nothing to differentiate one brand from another, so you make your purchase based on price and convenience.

Yet, as a savvy business owner or enthusiastic entrepreneur, you’re well aware that there’s more to your products than meets the eye. If your company is well established with a loyal following who understands what makes your drinks special compared to your competitors, your creative packaging is doing a good job. 

Below are tips on how to ensure your drinks brand has the right packaging. 

Create Bold Designs

The first step when creating your packaging is to get the font right. You want to make sure it’s easy to read, understand and remember. By combining great packaging, eye-catching design and complimentary content you can boost your sales and make your drinks brand more memorable to consumers.

A great tip for how to do this is by using a simple sans-serif font like Helvetica or Univers. These fonts are simple, clean and clear which makes them perfect for beverages, as they will stand out well against other brands on the shelf.

You can also use special effects on bottles, such as drop shadows or embossing on your packaging design but make sure these aren’t too overpowering; you don’t want people looking at your bottle instead of drinking it!

By choosing the correct font size, colour and packing design for your drinks brand will make it easy for senior and younger people alike to read and understand any text and useful information you are aiming to convey.

Communicate With Clear Messages

Good use of language is clear, easy to understand and relevant to the product. It’s important not to use too many words or to use very short ones.

Your packaging design can address and communicate how healthy the contents of your drink brand is combining innovation with information. Use packaging to explain concise number facts, bold infographics or the right buzzwords what health benefits your brand offers or its nutritional levels of anything from natural vitamins, fruit extracts and herbal extracts. Alternatively, stay apace of market trends and display the product’s exact measures or alcohol percentage that tallies with today’s consumer preferences.

No matter what your drink is, clever words and images on packaging designs can be used to show people of all ages that they’re good for everyone. Similarly, you don’t want your packaging copy to include anything too complicated or overly specific (unless it’s something related directly back to the product).

Shapes And Colours

The best packaging designs are the ones that combine a clear understanding of what they are trying to convey, how they want their brand to be perceived, and how they can communicate this through their product design.

In other words, if you want to stand out from the crowd in a saturated marketplace, it pays to have a strong creative vision for your packaging design.

With so many different types of shapes and colours available on the market today, there are endless possibilities when it comes to combining them in order to create something new and exciting. But, these aren’t just random choices they have been carefully selected based on research into consumer psychology and behaviour patterns that help brands connect with their audience on an emotional level.

Brand Marketing

Brand marketing is about creating a brand that stands out. It’s about making a bold statement and having people notice it, not just in the supermarket aisle but everywhere your product can be found. It’s about creating a brand that people want to buy. Your branding should be so strong that it instantly draws consumers in and makes them want what you are selling without even thinking about buying it from anyone else.

And, brand marketing is all about creating something so unique and memorable that people will associate your drink with their own personal experiences or identity. When someone sees your drinks on offer, they won’t just think ‘oh yes, I remember this brand” – they will also think “oh yes, I remember when I drank this the last time!”

Move Away From Sameness

If you’re not already thinking about the packaging of your drinks, you should be. Because chances are that consumers are looking for something different and unique.

Your target market (consumers) is looking for something that stands out from the crowd, something new and exciting and they want to know what makes them special. They’re on a quest to find products that live up to their expectations; it’s why they buy things like microbrews or choose craft beers over big brand offerings.

You need packaging that resonates with this consumer base because otherwise, it could mean lost sales for your brand. If a consumer can’t see what sets your product apart from others in its category, then why would they buy yours?

Have A Clear Brand Purpose

A brand purpose is a reason for your brand. It’s the reason you exist and it’s the reason you are different. It’s also why you’re better than everyone else and why you’re the best at what you do.

A drink manufacturer that offers an innovative product can leverage this USP in its packaging design to drive sales through innovative product packaging design and communicate your brand’s core message. However, if your drink brand doesn’t have a clear USP then it’s important to focus on creating one before embarking on designing your product packaging as well as other marketing efforts like social media or advertising campaigns

Attract New Customers Without Alienating Existing Ones

How do you make sure your packaging is appealing to new customers without alienating the old ones? It all comes down to having a clear brand purpose and sticking to it.

If your brand is about being fun, then you don’t want your packaging to look like a serious scholarly journal. But if it’s about being sophisticated, then don’t go for bright colours and cartoon characters.

The best way of ensuring that everyone gets what they’re looking for is by being consistent in everything you do from the logo on your bottle to the message on its label.

Sell More Than Just Your Drink

Nowadays, consumers want to know more than just the taste of their drinks. Consumers are looking for brands that are transparent and authentic, and they will choose a brand that offers something unique and extra. In recent reports, today’s top drinking habits vary from being more mindful and health-conscious to choosing bubble tea over a boxed wine for the more sustainable and eco-friendly option.

The right creative packaging design and accurate turn of phrase can be informative, helping consumers to debunk common myths about what temperature to enjoy drinks, or other debated issues, including:

  • Are sports drinks actually healthy
  • Does warm tea really cool you down? 
  • Are ice-cold drinks causing teeth sensitivity? 
  • Can drinking bottle water keep you hydrated in the heat? 

If one drink is made with an organic ingredient while another uses an artificial flavour enhancer, the consumer will choose the organic option to be healthier. Or, some people may prefer a sugar-free or non-carbonated drink if they suffer from sensitive teeth from sugar or after having their teeth whitened. A creative packaging design can help to showcase your company’s ethos and values in an engaging way and it’s one of the best ways to differentiate yourself from competitors in the market today.

As the world’s thirst for new types of drinks grows, many companies are looking to differentiate themselves from the competition. But, how can you do that without losing touch with your brand’s identity? By creating a unique, exciting package design that fits your brand and makes your audience want to buy it.

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