7 Steps to Succeed with “Good for You” drinks

7 Steps to Succeed with “Good for You” drinks

MyDrink Beverages have recently launched their first international brand of a functional health drink called HighVit.  As a product development company, we decided to share a couple of tips for entrepreneurs interested in the health drink market and planning to launch their own products soon. Take a look at these below and see if you have them written in bold on your board:

1)      Find a place your product could call home. The most important thing for developing a healthy drink is to know where you are going to sell it. Is it your own country, where you are already aware of the problems that you might help solving, or maybe you know where people suffer from certain health problems that you could help to improve? It could be anywhere in the world. For example if your product is helping to fight obesity, you might find it more suited to countries that are trying to cope with thatcompared to your domestic market, where perhaps this is not an issue (yet). Understand where you can do something good for society and go for it!

2)      Make your research. So you have already decided where you see your product serving society and what kind of problems do you intend to solve. Do everything you can to know your beneficiary. Understand how health aware they are, what kind of additional education on the problem will you require? If you want to sell the drink that help to reduce the toxic damage your consumers get from the pollution in the area, then be sure that you are not the only one concerned about that.

3)      Dig deep. Understand the main principles of your target consumer behavior. If they are fully aware of the health problems in their society and still choose fizzy and sugary drinks instead of healthy alternatives, then here is the next problem to solve. You must understand the reasons hidden in the depths of marketing and branding, but also know how your consumers go through their decision making process. What leads your fully health aware consumer not to only buy healthy products? You have to know what will your product taste, design and brand personality should be based on which ingredients will you use and how best to appeal to your beneficiary.


4)      Be honest. If you are willing to create drinks full of goodness and value to society, be sure that you actually believe in the sincerity of your intentions. If the main goal is profit, rest assured it will be revealed quite quickly. Companies that are successfully launching healthy and functional drinks do not cut their production costs by choosing lower quality ingredients or avoiding environment taxes, because this is just not what they can do. When it comes to good deeds, people tend to sense when the company is only faking the intention of doing something good for marketing reasons. If you want to help people, then mean it and profits will follow as your reward.


5)      Know how and what to highlight. Markets where consumers are more heath aware are usually highly educated and reactive to push strategies. If you happen to create the product for these markets, then try to avoid direct statements on the health benefits on the package and in the advertising campaign. You can get fined would your claims not be approved by the relevant authorities and it’s highly likely you will jeopardize customers trust. Instead, try to find out what kind of healthy ingredients are preferred by your consumer and highlight these on pack and in your advertising. Show your key benefits and prove that you made it to work instead of screaming out loud about how healthy it is.


6)      Choose your team and partners wisely. If you are a startup or a small entrepreneur with good will, then expect a lot of work to secure listings of your product and be assured you will definitely need the right partners for that. If you choose people who do not believe in your values then do not expect them to represent the product to key buyers properly. It is great if you can gather your team and choose your partners by selecting the ones with actual desire to improve the quality of living of the people who will buy this product. Search for the people driven by the idea of doing good deeds and not by profit margins, who see the value instead of the net worth.You might not notice how fast you can generate wealth by doing this.


7)      Be modest. This personal quality was appreciated and praised for ages and we understand why. If you are actually developing a health drink you must understand that it will hardly be cheap to produce and you might not have all the flexibility you desire. Some of the beneficial ingredients cannot be exposed to heat, some of them have short shelf life and sometimes you can only use glass package to fill it. You have to understand that it might be a challenge to achieve listings or overnight rocket sales of these drinks and you will have to struggle in your marketing with loads of governmental legislations. So be modest and try to start slowly, step after step and make people believe in your intentions and encourage them to share with others.


Based on these simple rules MyDrink beverages developed their own health drink. Highvit Drinks come with three main supporting functions – Defense, Digest and Drive. These features were chosen because of the rapidly growing health issues in our modern society – weakening immunity system and lack of vitamins due to malnutrition, digestion problems because of constant snacking and hectic lifestyle and fatigue that are caused by sleeping problems, stress and extremely fast life pace.

These drinks are unique because of the conjunction between necessary vitamins, functional nutrients like fibers, polyphenols, positive alkaloids and natural ingredients. These contribute to the taste of the product but also present a valid alternative to artificial ingredients. HighVit products, for instance, adopt deionised grape juice instead of using artificial sweeteners or crystallized sugar. In addition, the use of a premium glass bottle ensures that HighVit drinks do not have any cancerogenic effects from the use of plastics.

The drinks are praised for the unique taste qualities by consumers around Europe and quickly generated loyal customers. MyDrink Beverages is always searching for the right partners to increase their shelf presence, so if you are interested feel free to contact them.

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