The road to success in private label beverage business

The road to success in private label beverage business

March 1, 2011 — The human strength is based on his ability to be unique and special. Every one has individual ideas, attitudes, character and way of thinking, view of beauty, style and taste. These qualities speed up the process of human race development they separate us from animals. We cooperate in groups with people who have similarities with us and use our differences to achieve results.

These main principles of life are the key idea for MyDrink project. We think that Globalization of the 20th century, where brands like Coca-Cola, Nike, McDonalds and so on grew strong is over. They attracted customers from different groups and communities to the same principles and ways of thinking and were very successful, but their customers are evolving and today we notice that people return back to their identity, search for something closer to their individual attitude and refuse to be like everyone else. Nowadays people choose to be the one and only and has courage not only to show their similarities to other group members but to express their differences as well.

MyDrink is looking forward to the private label beverage business of the 21st century and has created the best possible product brand ever! No Brand or the brand that you create for yourself! We have developed technical possibilities to create a drink for every individual desire. We know that everyone knows best what product would be attractive for himself and his group of friends, relatives or simply people with similar interests and we made it possible for everyone to create their unique beverage.

The idea of Individualization seems to bring up many doubts, but we explained why there should be no fear for this natural turn of life:

  • Popular brands like Coca-Cola represent the product I know, trust and like.

A customer of 21st century is already intelligent enough to recognize the product quality and select natural and healthy products without paying attention to their global popularity. Mydrink produce and import only highest quality drinks and a small note next to ingredient list symbolize that we sell only best drinks in the world, and you create best brand in the world to suit the product.

  • There are already too many different products on the shelves for me to choose

Products on the shelves always change. Better products and ideas change the old ones. It is the way of evolution.

  • Global brands are cheaper because of mass production

Technology is developing fast all the time and now production facilities avoid old and static machinery. Mydrink has the possibility to create flexible quantities at competitive prices.

  • Global brands are everywhere and you can select the product you know

Since the birth of history people used to travel around the world searching for something new and learning from other exceptional experiences and knowledge. If you will try only global products and pay attention to global brands you will miss the main idea of visiting different places!

  • Individual brands are temporary

They are temporary as the fashion, local and global interests, social situation and almost everything in our life today, so you can adapt to every item every time.

Nothing is here forever except the main principles of nature and we must adapt to them. We are created to be exceptional and unique, our differences help us to evolve to new levels, to achieve more than we have ever expected and to look forward to achieving even more! So let us all individualize!

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