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We define the space where the brand can be the strongest and most unique in the market. What is its target market, and how do we reach its consumers?

What is the best strategy to enter the new market? What and how do we communicate to grab the attention of consumers and distributors? We make brands relevant and more digitally connected to their customers, which is vital in today’s world.

The success of your marketing strategy depends on how you manage to engage with your customers. This is why we always look for the ideas that not only look good on paper, but are also effective in action. It is hard to compete with multi-national corporations and their marketing budgets, so ideas matter a lot. We always look for the ideas that can give your business an advantage with its customers.

Precision in every step of strategic work is a must. What kind of product we do have? What is its target market? What kinds of sales channels do we have? What kinds of communication channels do we use? We try to maximize our resources in every possible step and find solutions for every possible question.

Main pillars:

  • Brand positioning (visual)
  • Target market
  • Competitive advantages
  • Market entrance/launch strategy
  • Sales channels
  • Communication strategy
  • Social media strategy
  • Ad campaigns and tactics

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