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We create brands that have clear advantages and their own uniqueness compared to competitors. The logo and the looks aren’t the only features that make the brand. It’s the invisible things that matter most: What is the brand, why does it exist, and why should customers believe in it?

Brand story, persona, and tone of voice are what make the brand interesting and relevant in today’s extremely competitive beverages market.

We build the brand based on:

  • Reasons to BELIEVE in the product
  • Why people NEED this particular product
  • Why people WANT this product

We also create the whole branding package based on the newest designs and market trends. The goal is to make the product look visible, attractive, and trendy. It’s that consistency that we look for—everything from the recipe to the visual identity must be intact.

Main pillars:

  • Brand persona and tone of voice
  • Brand story
  • Brand image
  • Visual identity
  • Packaging design

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