New Opportunities For Weight Management Beverages

New Opportunities For Weight Management Beverages

Jogging, fitness, yoga – active lifestyle is getting more and more popular. After long hours in the office in from of the computer number of people is recovering in the gym. This trend is being noticed in beverage industry as well.

Such products as Celsius™ contains natural functional ingredients as Green Tea Extract, Guarana, Ginger Root . Other drinks with L- carnitine or BCAA are showing that this sector is growing. Natural and clean label trend is growing big in whole European food industry, for this reason came up with functional ingredients that are natural and effective.

Extracts of grapefruit, grape, guarana, green tea, sweet orange, blood orange and black carrot are well known for their bioactive polyphenols, which are acting synergistically and providing visible effect on weight lost. Using big number of separate ingredients in one drink would not be the best idea as each separate ingredient is adding not only the additional value but additional MOQs and costs. Combination of these ingredients would be an ideal solution for a function and economy.

Company Fytexia™ appears to offer a solution for an effective weight management beverage. They are offering patented weight loss ingredient, formulated from natural Mediterranean citrus and other natural ingredients which are high in bioactive polyphenols. What is interesting that they have done studies to prove the effectiveness in reduction of waist size, abdominal fat, hip size or even cholesterol and body weight reduction.

Naming weigh management drinks as natural wouldn’t be very logical solution. Using natural sweeteners for example grape sugar or agave syrup would create a number of kcal which is unwanted in such functional product. Solution for sweetening such drink would be sucralose or combinations of natural sweetener combined with Stevia in order to create sweet but low kcal product. According to European regulations LOW SUGAR beverages has to have not more than 2.5 g of sugar per 100 ml, so this reachable in a not too sweet final product.

The target market for such product might be very wide due to the body cult among young adults and obesity between seniors. What is important is to get on time with this trend while there are not that many competitors on the shelves.

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