MyDrink is expanding their global team of Beverage Consultants

MyDrink is expanding their global team of Beverage Consultants

Beverage industry professionals Heather Morris and Simon Bishop has joined MyDrink Beverages team of beverage consultants to further develop our existing services and add their expertise and knowledge of beverage industry.


Heather and Simon comes with the wealth of experience within the industry, developing a vast range of products both in the UK and Globally. They specialize in value added products across dairy, non-dairy, juice and water based products. Both of them, have previously worked with many of the largest brands and retailers within the UK and beyond.


This new addition to our beverage consulting firm brings more added value and opens new opportunities to our clients in the UK and Globally. The presence in the UK market gives us a better understanding of the market, consumer behavior, and product trends, which we can explore and bring exciting innovative products to the market.


MyDrink Beverages is a brand, which has shared values with us. Working in collaboration with a business which prides itself on the quality of service combined with an innovative approach is an exciting venture. “, said Simon Bishop

The drinks industry is an ever changing market and we see exciting innovation ahead centered around health and well-being within the grab and go category in particular. Consumers expect great innovation in this sector and we aim to harness this and deliver it.


When asked about the value they can bring, Heather answered: “We have many years combined experience in countless businesses, so our product and process knowledge is broad and deep. We use this to work with clients in developing and perfecting their products, specializing mainly in early stage business, from concept to creation”.


Global team = more value for our customers


I want to congratulate both new members of MyDrink global team of beverage consultants. Step by step MyDrink is becoming a truly global team with experts starting from recipe development, marketing, intelligence and even sales development.


Our goal is the same as always – we aim to create added value for our customers in all stages of the beverage business. We help our customers in building their beverage business. We are determined to expand our global team of beverage industry professionals and we will be doing this in the near future.

By the way, one last thing…..


Idea is nothing – Execution is Everything



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