Top 5 problems working directly with beverage manufacturers in Europe

Beverage production management is a hard task unless you have some experience and already know how beverage manufacturers are working. Here is a list of problems you will face working directly with the beverage manufacturers:

Minimum order quantity. Yes. It is the main problem. Basically it depends on the manufacturer in-house requirements, your relationship with him and your product type. Personal relationship with the drink manufacturers is the main requirement. You can get a better or better offer only when you have good relationship with the factories.

Payment terms. Usually beverage manufacturers require 100% in advance. It is very hard to get a payment delay for a new client. One more time: Unless you have a good relationship with the factory you can’t get a better deal.

Replacement. Do you know that beverage manufacturers are not very interested to replace damaged products? Do you know how hard is to make an agreement with them to replace it? Have you ever faced this problem?

Flexibility. I’m not talking about the flexibility of beverage manufacturers. I’m talking about your product flexibility. It is very hard process to transfer bottling from your beverage manufacturer to another. Without any additional experience and knowledge you will definitely make mistakes.

Price. The last but not least. Do you think you are not over paying for your product? Are you sure about that? Do you personally know 30 different factories and their pricing? You have to have a detailed analysis of different beverage manufacturers. Moreover, you have to know their pricing and capabilities. You have to be prepared in case you want to have the best price for you product. Do you homework!


This list can be as long as a big book, however, we suggest you not to spend your expensive time for analysis of beverage manufacturer. We suggest focusing on things that are really important such as marketing and sales. We are the professionals of beverage production management. We already done everything and we know how to do it better, faster and cheaper. Work with industry professionals.

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