How to develop juice based drinks?

How to develop juice based drinks?

Juice drinks might sound boring and not special, but MyDrink Beverages are capable to make a well-known product, which seems to be ‘just’ a juice drink – unique.

I will present you only few ways how to do it. Most important thing is to find a perfectly matching fruit combination. It can be both, something new and something old. Both ways are challenging, it is kind a difficult to find something that no one has ever thought about mixing together. Great example would be Super!Natural drink. Great combination of watermelon and blueberries makes this product special and attracting consumer’s eye.

Another way is to make a well-known combination sound tempting, but testing different ratios of juices you can get really surprised how differently it can taste, or it is always optional to add additional ingredient, such as tannins or catechins, which provides product with a slight but very characteristic hint. Additionally you can consider using different acidifier, which sometimes can change the flavor significantly, for example: to change a familiar citric acid with tartaric acid or malic acid.

And finally the easiest way to get a special juice drink is to use a simple juice base, for example apple, just to create juice content in a drink and to choose separately flavors. Apple juice concentrate doesn’t provide drink with a specific flavor so it lets put on various flavors and finally add colors accordingly.

MyDrink team is ready to share their experience and help you to create a very special juice drink.

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