How to determine beverage trends using Google?

How to determine beverage trends using Google?

Today I was preparing our presentation about the future beverage trends for 9th InnoBev Global Beverages Congresss in Warsaw. I was searching for some numbers about beverage trends. However, as you may already know, numbers are very expensive and you cannot get it for free.

Do you know what is the cheapest and most efficient way to determine future trends in beverage industry? It is very simple. You can use Google Trends! It’s great, you can compare different kind of products, markets. You can analyze specific country, time period etc. . Just take a look! Below you will find some interesting results that I’ve found.

beverage trend graph

Specific Beverage Market Trends and Beverage Category Insights

I’ve compared 5 type of well know beverages: energy drinks, ice teas, juice drinks, soft drinks, water drinks. Time period starts at 2004 and ends at 2013. Google also allows to make a small prognosis (dotted line). You can also choose the specific country, however, the image above shows worldwide results.

It’s interesting to see the energy drink trend is beggining to decrease starting from 2010-2011. Which is totally true as worlwide market size started to decrease at the end of 2011. Can we say that Google is showing current market trends? Can we search for possible trends in beverage industry using Google trends? I will leave this answer to you..

Moreover, other numbers are also very interesting. Just take a look at soft drink trend which is decreasing since 2004. It can show us that consumers are looking for healthy non-carbonated products.

Additionally, we can see that water is becoming very popular. At 2004 it was below energy drinks, ice teas, and even soft drinks. Nowadays, it’s above everyone else.

beverages on google trends


I’ve changed a filter to analyze the result for UK market. We can see a bit different picture. We can see a flat trend of energy drinks at 2012-2013. Can we make a presumption that we should expect to see a decrease of interest in energy drink in UK? I’m pretty sure about that…

beverage types on google trends

And the last, most interesting, chart of all. I will leave the analysis to the readers. It’s the comparison of soft drinks and coconut water drinks trends in Google. Which is which? Guess this!

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