How to choose your beverage development company?

Starting a beverage company is a serious decision. You have to evaluate different aspects of beverage business. You have to know the process of product development, manufacturing, distribution and marketing/branding. However, in this article we will cover the main principles how to choose the best suitable beverage development company.

First of all, you have to understand that the process of beverage development is the second most important step after your decision to get in to the beverage business. This process requires a lot of specific knowledge which you do not have and you have to outsource the professionals for that. Beverage development company has to guide you through the whole beverage development process, give you advices and show you the right way and the most important thing – save your money and time.

  1. Success stories – Check their top clients with whom they are working with. Make an analysis of the products which they have launched recently.
  2. Experience – Find out whether they have an experience in similar products that you are interested to develop. In case you want to develop something very unique try to find out whether they are interested in developing innovation.
  3. Laboratory and staff – try to find out whether they have their IN-HOUSE laboratory and Food Scientists. It is very important as you have to know whether you are dealing with professionals or only with agents or re-sellers.
  4. Range of services –you have to know the full list of services that beverage development company is providing. Try to ask them these questions:
    1. What is included in beverage development services?
    2. How long it will take?
    3. Will you prepare the samples and how much?
    4. Will I have to pay for the courier cost?
    5. In case I will not like the taste or color of the drink will I be able to change it? And how many times?
    6. Can I visit your company during my beverage development process?
    7. Whether stability testing is included?
    8. Whether shelf life testing is included?
  5. Additional value services – try to find out what kind of additional services they are offering. In case you do not have experience in production processes try to find out whether they are capable to offer you these services.

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