How to capitalize on beverage trends in 2013

How to capitalize on beverage trends in 2013

Beverage industry trends are changing very fast and rapid. So, it is hard to keep on track in such a dynamic market. We decided to share our predictions for the future trends in beverage industry. What will be the most trendy drinks in 2013? How we can capitalize on those tendencies?

There are many different types of trend in beverage industry: sweeteners, aromas, top ingredients etc.

In our opinion, beverage industry is going functional. We see a huge demand for all types of functional beverages. There are few concepts developed, sadly, the market is not ready yet.

Functional beverage concepts

Weight management drinks

Overweight is a huge health problems which bothers a numerous amount of people all over Europe and USA. Lots of scientists, medical practitioners, representatives of beauty, food or drink industries are searching for the best way how to cope with the mentioned problem. In Europe we, however, see a huge potential for weight management drinks. Market is only developing and there is plenty of space for new products to be launched.

Elderly consumer drinks

We call them “drinks for your body”. These types of drinks are focusing on problems for elderly consumers. For example, painful muscles or bones, tired eyes, hair loss etc.

Anti-Cholesterol management drinks

High cholesterol is the problem which might cause many health disorders. Anti-cholesterol drinks helps to reduce its amount in a body. We suppose, it is going to be a long-term tendency. However, companies who are focusing on functional beverages should start working on the development of these types of drinks as well.

Energy drink second edition

We believe that in 2013 new brands will approach energy drink development differently. Energy drinks will be going side by side with healthy beverages. Because new market is being developed, standard type energy drinks market is sharply decreasing.

Omega 3 drinks

Europe is crazy about omega 3. We see a huge potential for these types of drinks. Omega 3 will be mixed with juices, teas, water etc. . We believe that at 2013 we will see a lot of new brands in this field. We suggest to make a detailed analysis of the competitors.


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