Trends of herbal extracts for 2014

Trends of herbal extracts for 2014

In past months it is becoming very trendy to develop drinks with an herbal base. People are trying to look into good old ideas from the new angle. For example in the field of iced teas new trend is naturally brewed teas, or trying to apply new or only in several areas of Europe known extracts. For example Mursala tea, also known as Sideritis Scardika, this is well known tea in Greece and other Balkan region countries, which is full of active ingredients and functions.

Also Matcha tea is becoming worldwide trendy as a functional ingredient giving: high content of antioxidants and catechins (EGCG) what helps to burn calories, L- theanine which gives the feeling of calmness and many more. Although European consumers are not used to an unusable and very intense green color appearance or unique taste, so it might take some time for it to enter and stand strongly in European market.

What is more as, Football world cup in 2014 will be held in Brazil. This is the reason why it is getting more and more required to use herbal extracts or blends that comes exactly from Brazil. For example: acerola extract, camu camu extract, acai extract, lemongrass or maca and of course Yerba mate. These herbal extracts are well-known for their functional properties: improves muscle tone, boosts immune system, promotes eye health or even helps prevent cancer etc. .

Herbal extracts can be used in various types of beverages. It’s a natural and healthy product which is well suited for products which are targeting to health-aware consumers. Herbal extracts can give an additional function to a completely new product, which can stand for beauty, relaxing or even anti hangover drinks.

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