TOP Functional beverage trends for 2013

Each year MyDrink Beverages team is making prognosis for next year’s trends and opportunities. Our specialization is beverages development and innovation. So our main target is to see the future of beverages industry. We do not hide it. We share this information. Here is what we see:

Drink for body
It’s a huge list of drinks created specifically for bones, eyes, skin etc. . Although it is not a new trend, however, at the current market situation we see a huge growth in this drinks category.

Sleep improvement drinks
Tired after drinking a lot of energy drinks? Relax and get some well deserved sleep with latest sleep improvement drinks. We see a growing demand from our clients for these drinks.

Weight management drinks
Europe is a very conservative region. So usually beverages trends from Asia and USA are 1-3 years late. This is a similar situation. At the moment the market for weight management drinks in Europe is only developing. There is a lot of space for new comers.

Anti-Cholesterol management drinks
High cholesterol levels is the problem of XXI century. There is a new weapon in this battle. Anti-cholesterol drinks helps to lower the amount of it in your body. This is new trend which is only starting in whole world. Market is waiting for new brands and products.

Tooth friendly drinks
Tired of those awful mouth rinse products which you have to spit out? Yes there is a solution! Drinks specifically created to protect your tooth. It will be a huge market boom for these drinks during 2013-2015.

Healthy energy drinks
Although this is not a new category, however, it is growing rapidly. We need energy and we need healthy energy. These drinks are created specifically for people who want to protect their body.

Drinks for elderly
During the next 20-30 years we will face with a new social problem. It will be aging of humanity. MyDrink Beverages sees a lot of potential in this industry. Also we are focusing in it we are creating new interesting products for this future market.

Omega 3 drinks
Is it a boom or is it a future? We can not tell you that. However, we see a huge interest in omega 3 drinks which is growing on daily basis.


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