Ready-to-Drink Coffee: A Steaming Hot Trend in the Beverage Market

Ready-to-Drink Coffee: A Steaming Hot Trend in the Beverage Market

Life is only getting busier, and that’s not a bad thing. It leaves a gap in many markets to offer products that are easier to use for individuals who are constantly on the go. There are two things that busy people cannot resist: efficiency and coffee! Ready-to-drink (RTD) coffee ticks both those boxes. At MyDrink Beverages, a division of BevSource, we stay up to date with all the latest trends to help our clients seize every opportunity.

An Overview of the Ready-to-Drink Coffee Market

Before we dive into the benefits of RTD coffee, let’s take a look at some statistics:

RTD Coffee: What’s the Hype?

As you can see, ready-to-drink coffee trends are booming, and there are a few good reasons. RTD coffee offers consumers a number of benefits, including:

A Thirst for Convenience

Standing in line to grab a coffee on the way to work is no longer an option for many people. Consumers are constantly looking for convenient ways to enjoy something on the go, whether it’s a quick snack or ready-to-drink beverage. These canned and bottled coffees offer people an energizing drink to kickstart their hectic day without the long wait.

Health and Functional Benefits

In addition to on-the-go products, consumers are looking for beverages that help them lead healthier lifestyles. People often avoid traditional energy and soft drinks due to their high sugar content, so beverages with less sugar are more appealing. Instead of getting a quick energy spike, consumers want something that provides sustained energy to get them through their day. Non-dairy beverages are also in high demand as more people adopt a plant-based diet. RTD coffee has the potential to accommodate all these dietary preferences.

Potential Flavor Profiles and Product Variety

Variety is indeed the spice of life. While some consumers prefer classic, unflavored coffee, others are interested in a wide selection of unusual RTD coffee flavors, such as cookies and cream, salted maple, fruit, chocolate, and peanut butter. RTD coffee drink trends provide an opportunity for your business to explore traditional and experimental flavors.

Trust in MyDrink Beverages for Drink Development

If you have a beverage idea that will boost your RTD coffee sales, MyDrink Beverages will help you formulate it. With our industry experience, we’ll guide you from concept to launch, ingredient selection to packaging. Get in touch with a beverage expert today!

Trust in MyDrink Beverages for Drink Development

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