Report: The New Era of Sports Drinks

Report: The New Era of Sports Drinks

For the last 4 months our market research team was working to prepare our first market report about sports drinks. Today I’m very happy to introduce this to our blog readers. Before introducing this report we think it’s very important to explain why we are doing this. There are two main reasons:

  1. We believe that qualitative research (not quantitative) is a key to be successful in this dynamic beverage industry. There are plenty of professionals who can do great quantitative research. However, we feel and know that we are way much better in terms of qualitative research.
  2. We believe that market insights and analysis should be affordable.  That is why we will be offering our market insights for a affordable pricing.


Report covers main trends shaping the sports drinks category, marketing approaches that selected sports drinks producers use and 10 marketing-focused case studies of some of the most interesting and somewhat innovative products from the sports drinks category.


Main benefits

I. Learn what marketing strategies drive best results

II. Understand what led 10 sports drinks brands to marketing success

III. Learn 5 key trends that are driving sports drinks category

IV. Learn about top opportunities in the category

Goal of this report is to help you understand what marketing strategies help drive results and build the brand image of the above listed products, as well as provide you with insights about opportunities for new sports drinks.

This report focuses on qualitative research rather than quantitative. By digging deeper into marketing of the selected 10 sports drinks brands, we are providing valuable insights that could also be adapted by those willing to launch sports drinks brands of their own.

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