Ready-To-Market Beverage Concepts

Ready-To-Market Beverage Concepts

This is a perfect solution for those who has less time for testing and wants to focus on marketing and sales as soon as possible.

From the beginning it might look like RTM products are taking all the joy of development from the customer, but I dare to disagree. It is possible to make small changes according to customer’s requests. It is obvious that small changes are taking less time and energy. In the end of the day, launch process is being shortened and products are reaching the shelves much faster.

RTM beverages are being prepared and selected after a careful market analysis and researches. Selected most popular already existing products and updated versions of them, to get different levels of RTM beverages. Levels (simple medium and expert) are made according price range, functionality and packaging type. The advantage is that it is possible to convert the easy recipe to a more complicated and vice a verso, just keeping the main idea. This can be done, while adding various functional ingredients or removing them.

MyDrink Beverages are offering a wide range of RTM, such as Herbal, Neutraceutical, Energy, Sports, Juice drinks etc. All of them can be adjusted just according your requirements: s sweetness level, vitamin blends, color or intensiveness of a flavor. There is also a possibility to combine different types or RTMs into one, for example taking a juice drink as a base and adding natural caffeine or guarana and make an energy drink with juice content and characteristic flavor. We are open to your suggestions and requests.

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