Nutraceutical startups will change beverage industry

Nutraceutical startups will change beverage industry

It is well known how start-up activity and entrepreneurship can contribute the economic growth and what enormous long term impact they leave by creating these benefits:

1) Higher start-up activity provides new opportunities in a non-hiring economy.
2) It is an additional tool to develop well-rounded individuals with higher motivation to succeed and learn. People who don’t have experience are able to test their skills with project that they would never get in the high scale business right from the start.
3) The market becomes much healthier and more varied. Thanks to the technological advancement and increased competition between small businesses, start-ups and already established businesses are required to develop their products quicker, more efficiently and cheaper. The force of the ideas developed by the individuals who notice the holes in the market help to untie the consumers from the big businesses and to search for new solutions that suit their needs more specifically.
4) Start-ups are socially responsible endeavors. As most of the startups are fueled by the venture capital, today more than ever investors can direct with an unprecedented exactness where their money goes. This raises the bars for these small companies to create products and ideas that are worth pursuing and back the responsibility back on the investor to invest in something sustainable, increasing each market players social and environmental responsibility.
5) This is the future of big business. It is hard to ignore huge companies that evolved from small garage startups and are now dictating the pace of innovation all around the world.

Currently the highest startup saturation is focused in the IT industry, but to reach the balanced global innovation we need to invite new smart people with unconventional and courageous ideas to other industries.

So we call for startups in the Nutraceutical industry for these main reasons:

1) Nutraceuticals is a quickly growing industry which is relatively new with tons of holes in the market that are waiting to be filled by aggressive brilliant ideas.
2) The currently aging population is driving the Health Care expenditures to the all time highest rates and it is proven that balanced nutrition and healthy focused on preventable diseases product can reduce them.
3) Nutraceutical market is currently dominated by the food giants so most of the products are created around the large table by the people who are driven by investor relations rather than innovation, so there is a need for change.
4) There are many supply chain problems that require unconventional solutions that are born in highly entrepreneurial environments.
5) With the right initiative these young idealists could leave an enormous impact on the overall wellbeing and health of our society.

To sum up – MyDrink is calling young and innovative pharmaceutical and medical specialists that have ideas for improving consumer health via nutrition and know how to capitalize on them. These would be the areas where any initiative is highly motivated:

1) Obesity related disease prevention
2) Improvement of the elderly consumer health
3) Heart and cardiovascular system improvement
4) Malnutrition related disease prevention
5) Balanced children nutrition

So MyDrink suggest that entrepreneurs should look around, pick up a sheet of paper and a pen and start planning the future where they would want to live in.

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