MyDrink UK Sales Team participated in a beverage show in London

At The Pacific Oriental, 52 Threadneedle St, London, UK

My Drink was asked to showcase our new oriental influenced drinks, Namely the Dragoon and our Simply Umai Beauty potion.

The event was held at the amazing Pacific Oriental Restaurant in London and consisted of a mix of companies displaying their products.

The invitees were made up of members of the press, food and drink critics and industry professionals.

We gave them samples of our range of drinks; the response we received was simply amazing!


Our energy drink was loved by everyone who tried it, many people asked us where they could buy it, and couldn’t believe that we offer it as a private label drink.

Next people sampled our Dragoon drink, again we could not have asked for any better response; the general consensus was that the drinks were wonderful.

Next we showcased the Nap Nock, and the feedback was very positive, They liked the name,taste and design.

However the star of the show was “Simply Umai “Beauty in a Bottle! – We literally had the press in frenzy, they thought it was absolutely amazing, they loved everything about the product, the look, the taste and the packaging was a total hit!


My Drink – UK Sales Team

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