Lean beverage start-up methodology

Lean beverage start-up methodology

I was always impressed by the IT industry. These guys manage to develop, launch and test their products during 2-4 months. In case they see that the product/service is not successful they close the project and start a new one. Lean business methodology was born also in IT industry. Nowadays, I see that other industries are trying to copy these methodologies as well. Beverage industry is no different. We are always seeking how we could shorten beverage development process and speed up wit the production.

There are two main problems in beverage industry: time and investment size for the project. Today I will talk only about time factor. Is it possible to create lean beverage start-up methodology? Yes it is.

Usually the process of beverage development takes up to 2-3 months. It depends on the formula of the drink, client requirements, testing results and length of adjustments. Additionally it takes up to 3-5 months just to arrange the first production. So basically it means that the shortest possible time to develop and produce your drink is at least 4-6 months. Additionally, it takes some time for the transport, distribution etc. . It will take at least 6-8 months for you to see your product on the shelves. It’s a huge burden in case you have a bank loan or investors by your side.

MyDrink Beverages was working for a long time to find a way, how we could shorten the development processes and speed up the production of our client beverages. We are developing a system which we call lean beverage start-up methodology. The main idea of this methodology is to enable our clients to develop new products, launch them and test them at the shortest possible time.

First of all, we introduced the project of ready-made beverage concepts for SMEs. This solution enables our clients to save time and money. Basically, we are offering a ready-made beverage concept with technical solution (formula + manufacturing) and marketing solution (brand name, design, packaging design, website). We enable our clients to launch a beverage brand during 1-2 months which is just mind blowing. In my opinion, it’s just an amazing solution for SMEs who doesn’t have enough resources for the development.

Secondly, we optimized the whole process of beverage development and production management. We enable our clients to shorten the formula development process up to 1-2 months. Additionally, we created a project management system for our Production Managers. Basically, the idea of it is that we are offering our clients to forget all the management issues of the production of their beverages and outsource this service to us. This will enable them to focus on marketing and sales which brings the most value to the business and leave all the daily work to us.

The speed of changes in beverage industry is increasing. In case you want to be up to date you have to find reliable partners. I can not imagine a better partner for your project than fast, energetic and innovative company. I mean MyDrink Beverages 😉

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