Hot functional beverage trends in 2014

Hot functional beverage trends in 2014

Each year everyone is trying to predict future trends. This time we will give you our view for the functional beverage trends in 2014. Last year our list looked like this “Top functional beverage trends for 2013”. You will notice that trends look very similar, however, new concepts were included in the list. One important thing to notice is that our list is made of our insights of the beverage industry and also inquiries that we receive. This is important as we can determine current market situation and how it is changing.

Protein drinks on the rise. It’s amazing how fast industry is changing. Last year protein drinks weren’t in the list. Everyone knew them, however, companies didn’t see an opportunity in the market. Currently we see a huge interest in private label protein drinks all around the Europe. We vote that this is the biggest trend in functional beverage industry for 2014.

Omega 3 drinks. These drinks were included in our list last year. Nothing has changed. Due to the bad press we saw a small decrease of inquiries for omega 3 products. However, in the long-term nothing has changed.

Natural – healthy energy drinks. Yes they are still on the rise. A lot of variations and a lot of different concepts. With less sweeteners, less calories and more energy. It’s also interesting that companies are trying to combine protein drink concepts with energy drinks. This means that the future of energy drinks are protein drinks. What do you think about that? If you ask us – we believe in that!

Meal replacement drinks. This is not a new concept or a new idea. However, we see that entrepreneurs managed to change their positioning strategy and create something that can replace food. Which sounds amazing. Just look at this startup which was launched recently in USA Soylent – Free Your Body . Personally, I love this idea. I believe there is a huge market for this. Product which is perfect for workaholics.

Anti-cholesterol drinks. There are few products in this category, however, we believe that future will change everything. One simple fact is ageing society. Europe is already suffering from this problem and it will be worse. We need more solutions how we can decrease medical expenses for drugs. Prevention is our answer.

Healthy-Alcohol. Personally, I do not understand this trend 😉 I’ve already had a chance to taste several functional alcohol drinks. Is it that I’m only one who is asking this simple question: “Alcohol is already a functional drink, am I wrong?”

More juice drinks mixed with functional ingredients. Yeah it’s a very nice trend. I love these type of products. Why we shouldn’t add some additional functional ingredients such as omega3 or proteins in juices? We see that our clients are interested in these type of product. And I believe they will capitalize on it.

Kefir drinks are coming to Western Europe. In fact, they already did. Kefir drinks are popular in Eastern Europe, however, western consumers are just discovering them. We believe that kefir drinks will stay for a while..

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