Growing your business on Innovation and Creativity

Growing your business on Innovation and Creativity

“Being good in business is the most fascinating kind of art. Making money is art and working is art and good business is the best art.” – Andy Warhol.

This is an important message that must be mastered by leaders and managers of different businesses. Business is art and art is creativity, so to achieve a fast paced growth organizations must appreciate this reality and to have their own strategy of exercising creativity in their culture.

Though creativity and innovation are considered as two different things – in business we need both of them in order to develop it. Creativity is when you come up or grab a good idea.  But if you want to make it useful for your company you have to invoke innovation.

Creativity in business

Every business involves plenty of people with different backgrounds and different ideas to solve various problems what leads them to the main business concept. And solving any problem by trying to look it from a different perspective – is the main process of being creative.

For example take a look at this simple problem:

Problem: 5+5=?
Solution: Obviously 10

But what would happen if you would look to this problem from a different perspective.

Problem: ?+?=10
Solution: 1+9; 2+8; 3+7,etc…

There is nothing innovative about this solution. You are not inventing new formulas or numbers. You are just trying to find creative solutions for common problems.

Creativity is definitely an essential part of organization if you want to drive your company to success and development.

Innovation in business

Innovation is another fundamental key factor that can drive the growth of your company no matter at what stage of development you are in. It is the core element of the progress and evolution of mankind that leads us to amazing discoveries and improvement. Only a couple businesses were able to grow without capitalizing on innovation throughout the whole history.

MyDrink Beverages is one of the companies that value innovation as well as creativity in our everyday’s environment and we try to share what we learn with our partners and clients. Beverage industry is a tough racket and we know from our experience that using creativity is one of the fastest and least expensive ways to succeed in it. One of recent resolutions is to praise innovation in the industry and to help every client we work with to find their ways of establishing a creative culture in their organizations.

Establishing creative and innovative culture

Here are a couple of tips that we use in MyDrink Beverages to build up a team driven by thirst for innovation and new things. We use a couple of simple methods that reveal the potential of every team member as an artist and explorer. This empowers MyDrink Beverages and our partners to step up as organizations that help to create a better future and to grow as the businesses at the same time.




Innovative work space

Create an innovative work space by using latest technologies and tools. They actually reveal how simple and easy it is to get used to things that help us in our everyday activities.  Latest gadgets are tangible proof of the importance of innovation.


Sense of aesthetics

Adding aesthetics and art to the environment creates the emotion and the urge for self realization and this motivates people to act.

Spark inner enterprise

Foster entrepreneurship inside the company. Help your team members with their personal projects, provide them information and tools to accomplish them, guide them and expect their ideas to blossom.

Circulate the news

Share news and articles from around the world, create special moments when you can all discuss them and state your opinions. This will help your team members to be on the edge at all times.



Empower employees outside their responsibilities

Don’t let your team members to rust. Give tasks that embrace creativity and make them to think outside the box as frequently as you can. Ask them to write articles, draw, present their product ideas and concepts, provide their solutions to problems even if sometimes these tasks are not their directs responsibilities.

Think outside your industry

Think outside your industry. Search for inspiration for new products or services outside your comfort zone. We can track the roots of many current trends and successful products in industries like pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and even technology. If there is a problem in society smart companies can capitalize on solving them.

Emphasize the importance of the work

Search for value. One of the brilliant characteristics of our brain is that when we understand the actual use and value of what we are doing, when we find a purpose for our efforts, our mind starts to work faster and harder than ever. Always stress the importance of the work that your team is doing and help them to see the value.

Never stop playing

Play more. Experiment with different ideas and projects; create tools in your company that can allow you to test your products without spending a lot of time and investment on it. This will allow your team members to generate confidence and relax if they want to test if the idea would work. Help them to jam it. You might get unexpected results from these experiments.

These simple but effective steps help to develop new and innovative products that are appreciated by a wide network of distributors and retailers and most importantly by consumers in different countries. By promoting creativity within our partner companies we help them to grow together with us. We believe that imagination helps your business to grow faster than anything else and we see a bright future for the people who capitalize on it.

Businesses must improve our way of living and only by being creative and innovative we can actually generate the progress.

“You can’t wait for inspiration – you have to go after it with a club.” – Jack London




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