Food and drink products development services under the same roof

Usually everything starts from idea. It doesn’t matter whether you got it driving a car or in your kitchen. When you test it and receive great feedback from your friends you decide to move forward. What’s next? What should you do?

Food industry is very competitive. Each day dozens of new products are being introduced to the market. To avoid mistakes you have to know the process of food and drink products development, drink formulations. Before launching your product you have to develop it in laboratory, make the laboratory testing, find the best suppliers of the raw material, have the certificates. To sum up, you have to do a lot of things before going public.

There are various ways how you can do it. You can try it by yourself or you can work with professionals and make everything faster and cost effective. Anyway, this is how the industry works:


Second step after the idea is very important. Flavour house will help you to develop your formulation, gather you ingredients and prepare the compound for the production. Why it is so important? According to your requirements flavor house will develop you a formulation, recipe. Each flavor house is very different, because each of them have different capabilities, different know-how level, different pricing etc. . Before developing new product you have to know the difference between each flavor house. In case you make a wrong decision everything else will be worthless, because your product will not be the highest quality. It might be too expensive or it might be low quality. You have to prepare the cost analysis and optimize the production and development chain.

Third step is production. Who will bottle your drink? Where to bottle? How to optimize the production, logistic chain? Will it be far enough to transport raw material from flavor house to production site? There are hundreds of different soft drinks manufacturers. Which one you will choose? Each of them are different. Each of them has different filling lines, pricing, requirements, terms. Are you willing to learn from your mistakes or others? Maybe it’s time to work with professionals who are working with it on daily basis?

At this point we would like to introduce ourselves. Our company provides Beverages Development and Production Management dservices. We will help you to develop your recipe, drink formulation. We will choose the best raw material suppliers. At this moment we are working with more than 50 different raw material suppliers. We will optimize the raw material production chain for you. In our laboratory we will prepare you the samples, optimize product cost, make the laboratory testing etc. After creating your drink formulation we will take care of the production management. We empower our clients to focus only on marketing and sales while we doing all the management of the production for their beverages. We are working with more than 400 factories across the Europe and Asia and we will be able to optimize the production chain for your drink.

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