Beverages development and production services in one place

October 25, 2011 — Recently we received a lot of inquiries who were asking to explain what do we do and what kind of services do we provide. So I decided to explain this on our blog.

We are a custom private label beverage development company and we provide two main service which are beverages development and beverages production services.

Beverages Development Services
We help our clients during the development of their drink. We gather all the information from the clients: his idea of the drink, vision, preferred ingredient list,  marketing plan etc. When we know the plan of our costumer we start our work. Our team of beverages professionals gather during in to brainstorm session. During this session we create a concept of the future drink (according requirements of the client). The concept of the drink is only the first step. When we will get the confirmation of the drink concept from the client we start our main job. We create samples of the drinks (send it to the client) and we start to search for the best possible bottling solution. We are working TOP beverages producers in Europe, USA, Malaysia and China. Moreover, we are also working with small producers who are very flexible to our requirements.  When the work is done client receives a batch of samples and a solution for the bottling of his drink. We move to second step which is beverages production services.

Beverages production services
In case you want to save time, money, energy you will also choose our beverages production services. We are taking care of the production side of your brand while you can spend your time, energy and money to market and sell your product. We are the ones who will take care to produce and transport your product to any place in the world. We are professionals in beverages production, we have the required know-how and experience in this and we do not make any mistakes in this.
These are our main services and the main things that we do. Don’t hesitate to contact us and we will try to find a best possible solution for your business!


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