Production and Operation Management Services for Beverages Industry

We are beverages production management and beverages development company. Today we would like to talk more about our main service which is called production and operation management. We are happy to announce that MyDrink Beverages is the only one company in Europe which is offering high quality production and operation management for beverages industry. Our specialization is beverages, beverages development and beverages manufacturing. We know how, where, when to do it. We are the professionals in it and we are very proud of it!

So what is production and operation management? The idea is to offer large retail center, entrepreneur, brand owner to outsource production management of their branded beverages portfolio. Where is the catch? It is very simple! Usually, production management requires experienced staff with knowledge in specific field (beverages). Companies have to hire expensive production managers, pay high salaries, pay for the travelling, taxes, international phone calls. Usually it takes additional time for the managers to understand the market, to find the best deals, to source for the factory list etc. . The problem is clear – companies spend too much money and time.
And at this stage MyDrink Beverages enters the marketplace with a solution to save money and time. Production and Operation Management services is constructed specifically for clients who are interested to focus on marketing and sales which brings the most value for their business while they can outsource production management to professionals. We enable our clients to forget all the technical problems of the production, because our experienced staff is already taking care of their drinks. What is the advantage for our clients? We bring high value services for our clients. Our clients save money and time, because they:

–          Do not hire additional staff for managing the project
–          Do not spend money for additional salaries, taxes, international phone calls, travelling expenses
–          Do not spend time arguing with the manufacturers
–          Do not spend time for the analysis of the manufacturers
–          Do not spend time for negotiations with the suppliers
–          Are getting better pricing working with MyDrink Consulting
–          Have a extensive support of the industry professionals

Today we can proudly say that our customers see the high value in our services. We are working with largest retail centers (Ukraine, Russia, Baltics), large brand owners and entrepreneurs. In case you are interested to get more information about production and operation management services in beverages industry contact our company.

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