Aftermath of first beverage accelerator DrinkPreneur Live

Aftermath of first beverage accelerator DrinkPreneur Live

Just last week our baby (MyDrink Beverages and Zenith International) was born which we call DrinkPreneur Live. It’s an event targeted specifically to beverage entrepreneurs and Small to Medium Enterprises (SMEs). Our goal was to create a platform where entrepreneurs can promote their products and meet beverage industry professionals (retailers, brand managers, financiers, marketers etc.). In my opinion, we’ve managed to reach this goal! And personally I’m very excited to see that there were tons of value for everyone.

I believe this type of event is very necessary. We have to have a platform where business can meet with entrepreneurs. Why it is so necessary? My answer is very simple. Industry is changing! Innovation isn’t coming from large multinational corporations. Innovation is coming from entrepreneurs and SMEs. We have to watch them, we have to talk to them, and we have to follow them. Our company is focusing solely on beverage entrepreneurs and SMEs. We feel their energy, we know their passion and we understand their requirements. They need more support from the industry. This is one of the reasons why we need to have a platform where we enable entrepreneurs to push their projects further. To sum up, this event aims to provide value both for entrepreneurs and for industry.

During the event I was talking with startups and I was just amazed of their passion. I must admit that this positive energy helps to go further. Our plan is to grow this event and organize it in Europe, Asia and Middle-East. We’ve event received some offers to organize it in USA. I hope that we’ll manage to grow this in to community of beverage entrepreneurs where we share ideas, know-how, find partners and grow as personalities.

To sum up, thank you very much for everyone who participated, for your support and for your energy. We’ll meet again very soon!

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