SEL Dragoon Health Drink

Client: SEL Dragoon — Country: Lithuania
SEL Dragoon Health Drink

The Challenge

MyDrink cooperated with the most famous Lithuanian musician Egidijus Dragūnas to create a unique health drink. The idea was to use the Japanese health drink industry and merge it with European natural style. We needed the drink free of any artificial coloring, preservatives, or sweeteners, to be full of vitamins and healthy supplements, as well as acceptable in a price sensitive market.


After six months of cooperation with Japanese technologists and ingredient suppliers from around the globe we selected the right super fruits as the base for the drink – acai berries, pomegranates, and cranberries. The next step was to exaggerate the health supplements. We chose antioxidants from green tea and a rooibos tea mix, with slight help from grape skin extract and Aronia juice for color.

The Result

We made the drink positive and attractive with a dragon pictured on the center of the bottle: SEL Dragoon packaging – 250ml & 750ml glass bottles.