Herbal Magic Natural Energy Drink

Client: Herbal Magic — Country: The United Kingdom
Herbal Magic Natural Energy Drink

The Challenge

Our task was to create an all-natural, organic, healthy and 100% vegetarian energy drink. Moreover, the concept of this beverage also needed to be beneficial for the human body. The biggest challenge was to find a well-matching combination between fruits and herbs.


Our team spent a lot of hours developing this product. We have created two different tastes for people seeking tasty and healthy energy drinks. The green can is filled with herbal and green tea extract for people who love a little bitter aftertaste. For the red can, we mixed herbs with pomegranate and wild berry juices for people who prefer sweeter beverages.

The Result

We managed to create two different flavours of healthy energy drinks, packaged in 250ml aluminum cans. We succeed in developing an energy drink that is refreshing and healthy. The combinations we have selected enrich the beverage product with an interesting taste and the beneficial qualities of an energy drink.