Cinnamora Soft Drink

Client: Cinnamora — Country: The United Kingdom
Cinnamora Soft Drink

The Challenge

Our task was to develop a soft drink with cinnamon, without any artificial colors or flavors, and suitable for vegetarians. The development process should have been hard due to the extract solubility and sedimentation. Despite that, MyDrink Beverages took on the challenge.


The base of Cinnamora is cinnamomum zeylanicum extract, a substance with which it is hard to work. Despite that, we managed to create a healthy cinnamon soft drink without sugar, artificial flavoring, or artificial colors. To maintain good taste and keep Cinnamora natural we used sucralose.

The Result

Cinnamora is filled in 500ml and 250ml aluminum cans. It is a refreshing and healthy – “Spice for Life” – beverage. The refreshing and exotic nature of this spice can be experienced with ease when one wants to quench their thirst.

Success Story

Cinnamora Success Story