Top natural sweeteners for your healthy beverages

Here is a list of top natural sweeteners which are being used for healthy beverages. We hope it will help you to decide which sweetener to use in your new drink.

Deionized Grape Juice

Nowadays it is the most popular natural sweetener. However, currently we see a huge increase in the price which makes the products very expensive.
Grape juice is obtained from crushing and blending into a liquid. Deionizing is a process to remove ions from using an ion-exchange process.

Stevia sugar substitute

Extremely sweet herb which became a very popular sugar substitute. In Paraguay it has been used as a sweetener and flavor enhancer for centuries. Stevia was approved for use in the EU starting in early December, 2011. Honey is what the marketing industry refers to as a “functional food,” also known as a nutraceutical—a natural food that delivers a health benefit.
Additionally, new beverage brands are trying to change grape juice sweetener to stevia because of a lower pricing.


Honey has long history of human consumption, and is used in various foods and beverages as a sweetener and flavoring. Flavors of honey vary based on the nectar source, and various types and grades of honey are available.

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