Innovative beverage concepts for 2013

MyDrink Beverages is sharing some of ours innovative beverage concepts for 2013. For more information and consultations contact us directly.


Key potential: : Ice tea is currently the most rapidly growing category in the soft drink business at the moment according to Euromonitor research in the Eastern and Western Europe. Entering the market with balanced differentiation could help to create brand recognition with comparably low investment.


Key potential: Modified Kvass drinks is the new approach to the consumers who are in search of something new and something partly exotic with the security that they will at least understand what are they paying for. Kvass is the beverage made of well known ingredients and as this is stressed it is easy to attract the consumers who are seeking for new experiences.


Key potential: As sleep disorders are becoming wide spread health problems, more and more people are suffering from not being to wake up easily in the morning for their work or studies. Products that help them to feel better are becoming a widespread demand.


Key potential: Ice tea beverages is currently growing all around Europe – unique but well known product line extension would be easy to understand for most of the consumers that are used to drinking tea with milk. This way product could easily gather it’s consumers.


Key potential: Fruit juice market is extremely competitive and standing out of the crowd is extremely important factor for the brand to develop and survive. Adding more value for the consumer will definitely raise your product above the competition as well as you profit above the market average.


Key potential: Ice tea markets are becoming more and more diversified and current audience is searching for individual flavours so niche markets are as well open for new offers. There is a demand for these products all around western Europe, you just need to have the right offer.


Key potential: beauty industry in a multibillion market and beauty nutrition has already brought the attention of this industry. Big players like DANONE, Coca-Cola and L’Oreal have already tested markets in US and Europe few years ago and as we currently see there are more and more products in this segment so do not miss your chance to benefit from its growth.


Key potential: Small quantity of an extremely healthy food supplement with attractive taste and benefits known by a wide mass of consumers could be easily marketed in different regions. Low cost logistics and high value for the price could as well boost the sales of this drink.

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